5 Fun Games For Kids To Play

“When can I use the phone”? 

“Do you have this or that game on your phone?”

“Can I play the game on the phone or tablet?”

Today, we have infinite technology at our fingertips; screen time has become a big commodity in almost all households, so our screen time has also increased. Children are no exception to this.

From the last one to two years, we all have been practicing some social distancing, and as a parent, you have to encounter many challenges. But the global pandemic and lockdown is not a time to worry about preparing home classrooms because your kid's teachers also don't have any expertise or resources to replicate right now.

Even the parents are muddling between things like managing the house, kids, and working from home. And so, in such cases, it's not very important to balance the curriculum for your child that is usually offered at school.

With my experience, I can say that bookish knowledge can’t get you very far. Kids should have a sense of predictable routine and fun activities or games to inspire learning while having fun. Also, children can play quietly and independently so you can get some headspace and time to complete your work.

For this, there are various free games for kids that are available online. We have rounded up some of our favorite five fun games for kids to play that are both educational and interesting and will keep your kids occupied at home.

5 Interesting And Fun Games To Play For Kids:

1. Penguin Cafe

Penguin cafe is a game that has a penguin on skates running around to serve its guests and is trying to meet the daily goals. The game's aesthetics is animated and very cartoony that attracts the kids. Plus, the game's difficulty level increases after completing each task to generate a competitive sense in kids.

The game teaches the kids about customer gratuity, which is essential for a waiter's livelihood because servers need to maintain a positive attitude instead of dealing with the oblivious stress and demanding customers.

I played this game, and I am not a kid, but I couldn't resist playing more and more levels. The game is simple, easy to play, and will interest you.

2. Fruit Snake

Fruit snake is a game where a snake keeps growing longer as it eats fruits. The fruits can be apples, cherries, lemons, watermelons, strawberries, grapes, and bananas.

However, if the snake runs into its tail while turning, it will lose one of its three lives. You will get only 30 seconds of time, but the time will keep increasing if the snake eats the fruits.

I played this game because it reminded me of old times; when I was a kid, a similar hat used to come on keypad phones. And I used to ask my parents to give me their phones to play this game. It was an utterly nostalgic experience while playing this game.

3. Christmas Candy

It is a bubble shooter game but with a holiday theme. You have to make a match of three or more similar types of bubbles to erase them from the playing field. Sounds easy, right! But, it's more fun playing, and it keeps getting interesting.

4. Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is designed for juniors who want to play Call of Duty or Battlefield-like games but are too young to play them. It is a colorful shooter game with innings and childlike characters who can transform themselves into bright squid back and forth.

It's a complete online match that you can play with eight other people. The target is to cover as much of the field as you can in each game by spraying paints on the walls, floors, or your opponents.

I loved how colorful the characters were, and it's a joyful game to play and watch.

5. Terraria 

Terraria is a game that is a combination of Super Mario and Minecraft. I have been a huge fan of Super Mario games since my childhood, so I have to try this game and, of course, recommend it.

The player has to move in 2D and fight monsters in this game. It sounds much like a traditional game, but you will be given the power to craft and create the materials within the game world. Players can play the game online with seven different players, which increases the chances of fun. Overall, it is an action game that promotes creativity. 

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