6 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Website or Blog

Bloggers and business owners around the world most commonly use the WordPress platform for their blogs and websites. One of the most commonly asked questions is - “Why should we use WordPress?”. Due to the robust features offered via WordPress and its functionality, many of the top brands like Disney, Sony, Time Magazine, and even Facebook use this platform. 

We are aware that WordPress started as a blogging tool and has evolved into a powerful content management platform, so here are some of the most important reasons why you should always choose WordPress for your website or blog. Additionally, we will provide a list of incentives for the use of this platform.

1. WordPress is Free and Open-Source Software

WordPress is free to download, use and customize according to your business needs. You can create any type of website with this free software and you just need a domain name and web hosting provider to get started. It offers easy setup and the settings are quite simple, so you can easily navigate through the software. However, if you want someone with more experience to take care of your WordPress website and troubleshoot any issues that may arise along the process, www.site-steward.com offers high-quality WordPress technical support and a team of experts that will provide full attention to your business needs.

The term open-source refers to the fact that the software is released under a license that gives rights to users to use, distribute, modify and study the code for any purpose. Also, it’s customizable, so users can set up their websites the way they want.

2. Easily Customizable

The best part about WordPress is that it’s easily customizable so whether you are a web designer or someone with little to no coding experience, do not worry! We’ve got the right tool here that you can use and customize according to your website’s needs. WordPress it’s the perfect solution for thousands of brands and brand owners since it offers free website templates from which you can choose and for any kind of website and you can switch to this platform

When we say it’s easily customizable, we think of the number of customizations that can be done in a single theme. Starting from color change, to background change, uploading a logo, creating navigation menus and sliders, use of plugins to add features and functionality, creating contact forms, analytics, membership area, and many more customizations, WordPress takes up the first place when it comes to choosing your website builder software.

3. Easy To Learn

WordPress is pretty easy to learn if you don’t have any previous web development experience. Beginners, experts, techs, and non-techs are welcome to try out this software! The best part is that you can get started easily and you can learn as you go! 

If you are not very tech-savvy, you can just select a theme, install a plugin or two, and jump into creating the content of your pages. The great thing about WordPress is that you can always add more ways to customize the site to get more functionality and full control over how it works. 

For more experienced developers it’s a piece of cake! Since WordPress has plenty to offer, you can get your hands on it pretty quickly and you’ll realize it’s far more efficient than other website builders when it comes to building a site from scratch.

4. Enables Website Scaling

Probably one of the most challenging aspects when running a website is scaling it. If you publish more content, proportionally you get more traffic and the bigger your brand becomes. It’s key to choose the best web host for your site and make sure it’s fast. WordPress powers a lot of power sites on the web, so scaling is not an issue here.

5. Easy To Maintain

You certainly don’t want to deal with constant headaches when it comes to website maintenance. If you are new in the field of website development, soon you’ll realize there is a bit of maintenance work that comes along the way. WordPress enables easy to maintain settings and stays on top of the CMS update, plugin update, managing the site’s comments, backup, and ensuring the website is secure and fully optimized.

6. Flexibility and Security

WordPress can be complex and simple, with basic functionality and advanced functionality, it depends on your website goals. Nearly anything you want to accomplish with your website can be done in WordPress, thus its flexibility. It’s also a very secure platform to host your website on as a WordPress outage is a very rare situation, it almost never happens for the platform to be unresponsive.

It’s safe and secure and if you keep it up to date, you increase the chances of fighting potential security threats and bugs properly. You can easily enable the SSL certificate and live your days in peace now that your site is secure. Additionally, to beef up the security settings, you can install a WordPress security plugin. 

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