12 Tips to Level Up Faster in the Destiny Game

Hey, we've all been there: we just got our hands on Destiny, and we're ready to dive into that world. You can not wait to make your mark as a Guardian and take down some Fallen Dregs (okay, maybe not). But before you start grabbing those bounties or grinding away at those patrols, here are 12 tips for leveling up faster in Destiny. Trust me; you'll want these before the first hour is over!

1. Don't skip story missions:

You might think you'll breeze through them later, but they're actually pretty important to leveling up fast in Destiny, especially if you want access to better gear and higher-level challenges. You can check some gaming tricks and tips at mgamecheat as they offer a lot of gaming guides that can help you master your favorite games.

2. Don't be afraid to replay:

The Cosmodrome and other areas in Destiny have a lot of content that you can play over and over again for extra experience. You don't need to save everything until later, go ahead and grab it while the going is good! The more you complete, the faster your level-up will be.

3. Use side missions:

When playing through story missions or other activities like strikes, make sure to keep track of any secondary quests or tasks along the way; they often yield bonus XP when completed successfully. Be thorough!: While doing all these tips might seem tedious at first - trust us on this one - leveling up fast in destiny is about grinding away those hours with maximum efficiency.

4. Don't forget to do side quests:

Once again, these are important because not only does completing them provide some sweet rewards (like rare or legendary weapons), but many of them also offer special bounties, which can give you bonus XP - win-win! Plus, if all else fails, doing more quests gives you something fun to do while waiting for those patrols to complete!

5. Don't forget about Bounties:

These things are a great way to level up faster in Destiny and can be acquired from many different places, including the guy at your local faction's leader (special note: if you're trying to get into the Crucible, make sure that dude has bounties for you). There is nothing worse than finishing one of those awesome quests or killing some major bosses only to have them not register. That being said, try to focus on doing these first because their rewards are so worth it!

6. Be mindful of how much gear affects leveling speed:

Since Destiny is all about leveling up, you'd as well do it the best way possible. The easiest way to level up faster in destiny is simply by picking gear that gives major XP bonuses (cough cough: Xur's Exotic engrams). If you're feeling especially generous, try giving these items to your lower-level friends so they can get some quick gains too!

7. Don't forget about Vanguard and Crucible Marks:

It may not seem like much at first glance, but trust me, these things are an easy source of income if used correctly. You'll come across many bounties for each one of them throughout the game world (yes, even on Earth), which will give out nice rewards upon completion. If you're having a hard time completing them, just turn on some Public Events. They have timed events that spawn periodically in the world and will give out Vanguard or Crucible marks for participation upon completion (it's also an easy way to level up your subclasses).

8. Don't forget about Quests:

Quests aren't something I see talked about much when it comes to tips for leveling up faster, but they really do help if used correctly! Most quests will have objectives that lead into each other, which rewards XP upon their completion. You'll need to complete these more than once since many of them can only be completed once per character/faction, BUT there is one quest called "A New Dawn," which resets itself daily after first being accepted. This is a good quest to grind if you're looking for tips on leveling up faster in Destiny.

9. Complete Crucible Matches:

Of course, another best thing is to complete crucible matches. You'll get bonus XP for winning and can even get some additional bounties on the side, which leads to even more XP! This is probably one of my favorite tips because it's fast, easy, but also very fun. The only downside is that you will most likely be playing against other players who are using higher light items than what you have equipped, so make sure your armor isn't too low if you're looking for tips on leveling up faster in Destiny.

10. Play on a harder difficulty level:

This will allow you to gain more XP and level up much quicker than before! It's very simple, too: just change your settings from casual or normal to something like heroic or even nightfall if it's available at the time. The only downside is that there are fewer players running around doing these challenges, so put some feelers out there first because no one likes being alone all of the time, right?

11. Complete Weekly Challenges:

This next tip can be kind of tricky, and I definitely recommend everyone do their research before attempting anything like this, but it could potentially make leveling up faster in destiny by completing weekly challenges. These challenges reset every week and give you bonus points for completing them. Plus, if you manage to complete them before the week is over, it's free engrams! So that's pretty sweet.

12. Get to Know the Other Guardians:

One thing that struck me about Destiny was how easy it was to become a part of your fireteam. You can always find people who want to grind out some vanguard strikes or just explore the planetary patrol missions because, let's face it, hopping around different planets exploring is fun! So if you see someone in orbit looking for players, squad up with them and go on an adventure together! If they don't have any friends online, then maybe try sending them a message through Bungie directly. They might be able to hook you guys up, so definitely reach out. Plus, this could lead to tips three and four, which are all about grouping up with other guardians.


So there you have it. Those are tips to help make your Destiny adventures more fun and faster when leveling up in destiny. 

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