PrimeOS - Android OS for PC/Laptop

PrimeOS, an operating system that provides you with a complete desktop experience like Windows or MacOS with admittance to a large number of Android applications. It is intended to present you with the smartest possible solution- a totally fantastic combination of Android and PC.

PrimeOS also presents you with a complete desktop interface that can run seamlessly in low-end hardware. Today more than 2 million users worldwide have switched to PrimeOS for their android gaming and basic computing needs.

You can easily install the program by releasing the dual boot mode along with your customary Windows OS. You would then be able to begin the .exe program, tracking with the means until you have it ready for action on your PC.

You should take note that all included software is absolutely free of cost.

In case you are looking for a gaming Android operating system you should definitely consider this. The distinctive thing about it is deca-key mapping for gamers.

Gives you Full Android software support

The essential objective of this program is to permit mobile gaming on your PC. Accordingly, it upholds a wide cluster of Android games, the most famous of which are pre-mapped on the operating system

In addition, there’s a Gaming Center for searching through and downloading applications of your choice. Besides, since mobile games are often less demanding than those of PC, everything chugs along as expected, even on low-performance desktop devices.

You don’t need to adhere to gaming, by the same token. PrimeOS runs communication platforms, lifestyle tools, and even film streaming features, making all smartphone features available on a greater screen.

Interface Features

All desktop utilization rules apply here. Keyboard alternate routes have similar capacities. You can open, close, and resize windows depending on the situation, and the taskbar pins applications, shows system icons, and displays notifications.

The interface is appealing and moderate, suggestive for Windows 10. Rather than desktop applications, you can see everything you’d use on an Android gadget.

Exceptional Features of PrimeOS

  • Desktop Experience
  • Different elements to give desktop experience like start menu, taskbar and so forth
  • Multi-window support with minimize, maximize, close, resize and so forth
  • Option to debilitate multi-window for any application if you want.
  • General shortcut keys like alt + tab, alt + f4, win + d and so on
  • Near AOSP experience with just fundamental desktop features.
  • Taskbar with capacity to pin applications, show pop-ups and system icons.

 Android Gaming

  • Play games with keyboard mouse (Press F12) by the virtue of Decapro key mapping tool.
  • Pre mapped some famous games like PUBG, Subway surf and so on
  • GPU tools are accessible to counterfeit GPU data for any game.


  • Open Gapps included, don’t have to install them manually.
  • OTA support is accessible yet provided that you install the EXT4 RW part.
  • Feedback application is accessible for you folks to share your musings.
  • Up-streamed kernel to google LTS linux 4.9.x.

Follow the below steps for installing PrimeOS on your PC

  • Launch the .exe program and pick the drive from which you need to make a segment for PrimeOS.
  • Input the space in MB for the new PrimeOS segment.
  • Proceed to installation.
  • Note: Ignore all the cmd and disk manager notifications for organizing the new partition.
  • As the system will restart, so will the installation process.
  • After installation is done, you will have the boot menu for both PrimeOS and Windows.

Here is the Download Link of the PrimeOS Android Operating System.

Would it be a good idea for you to download it?

Indeed, particularly in case you're a mobile gamer. Different applications look a thousand times as great on a bigger screen, making a powerful user experience.

Gamers’ Perspective

PrimeOS sounds impressive as well as conveys a spectacular gaming experience as compared to emulators. With DecaPro key mapping, it helps key mapping for famous games naturally, and you can customize them any time by tapping F10 key. In case you're hoping to play Pubg or comparative games without utilizing emulators you can attempt this methodology. 

Standard users’ perspective

To start with, the Android OS doesn’t solve any specific problem with PCs. It permits you to emulate Android Apps and Games locally. So, the question arises why would you need to utilize an Android Operating system? 

Well, there are numerous reasons, first, you can test and run a huge number of applications from the Google Play store. Desktop elements, for example, Start menu, taskbar, and action center, so you will not feel you're missing anything. 

According to the PrimeOS; it utilizes 30% less power and gives 3-times better performance when contrasted with stock Android. Additionally, it upholds and uses dedicated GPU on your PC if you have AMD or Nvidia GPU.

Overall Experience of Users

After switching to PrimeOS as a proper substitution of windows, users say it was very intriguing. PrimeOS offers brilliant features such as a start button and a taskbar on the screen.

With regards to playing games like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire or Call of Duty Mobile users have the option to play every one of them flawlessly. PUBG Mobile runs extraordinary and quicker than it runs in some other android emulator. For the gamers, there is key-mapping accessible for these games. 

For the developers out there who need to test applications, the Prime OS is something they ought to look into. PrimeOS is lightweight and offers android as a promising operating system choice to the users.


-Excellent animations

  • Strong Performance
  • High quality gaming execution
  • Supports multiple gaming applications
  • Engaging interface design
  • PrimeOS is a standalone OS thus provides 2x performance than any emulator as the emulator runs on a host OS.
  • Website Forum for support

New Update

The all-new Gaming Centre by PrimeOS is ready to launch on 11th November 2021, the most remarkable and integral part of the OS. The brains behind this idea have designed it in a way to provide a total fantasy gaming world to its gamer audience, therefore, browse through brand new games and play your favorites as well.

It is an extremely high utility solution. It also provides its users with features like keymapping and performance settings along with their usage reports.

Likewise, it fascinates its audience with in-game center chat box, where users can interact and chat with other users in the community, making it exceptionally engaging for users.

Our word

In spite of the fact that it needs official help, PrimeOS is a first-rate, smooth program. It easily shows all most loved mobile applications on desktop hardware, giving a great experience all through. 

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