Mobile Pixels TRIO Series Portable Monitors Review

Laptops are one of the most efficient gadgets that we have as we can easily carry them from one place to another, but sometimes the limited screen available for working can be annoying. The Mobile Pixels TRIO series can get rid of that annoyance quickly. 

The Mobile Pixels Trio monitors give you a more expansive space to work by turning your laptop into a triple display, enhancing your overall productivity and efficiency. How cool is it to have a triple display; that too portable one! 

What are Mobile Pixels TRIO Monitors?

You must be aware of the concept of a dual monitor setup. Understanding the Trio portable monitor setup is extremely easy for you if you are aware of that. Trio portable monitor series that includes Trio and Trio Max is an upgrade from dual monitor setup by the brand. 

This portable trio monitor is far more convenient and better than the previous model. To understand this gadget properly, below, we have mentioned the proper review and the specifications of the gadget in the article. 

How Do Mobile Pixels TRIO Series Portable Monitors Work?

As we mentioned that the Mobile Pixels Trio and Trio Max series constitute a significant upgrade from the dual portable monitors, you can understand the expensive desk space you get with this monitor. 

You can rotate the Trio, and Trio Max screens up to 180 degrees to allow you to have better viewing angles and conveniently configure the setup. Multitasking is the one thing that you can do with both Trio and Trio Max models conveniently. 

The Mobile Pixels Trio Series upgrades your workspace and gives you wider frames that you can attach to your laptop and get a better presentation mode. You can also flip the screen and show the content to the other people sitting around you. 

Can You Use Mobile Pixels Trio Series For Gaming? 

Indeed Mobile Pixels Trio Series is an excellent choice for people involved in professional business and companies, but even gamers can use the Trio Series. How?

If you want to use the mobile pixels Trio series for gaming, you can configure the control panel on the right-hand side of the monitor and adjust the backlight contrast and other specifications as per your requirements. 

Mobile Pixels Trio Series Angles and Resolution

The portability of the Trio and Trio Max is outstanding, but there are certain things that you will have to keep in mind, such as you can not put too much weight entirely on the frame, and you cannot lower the angle too much because that will lead to the closing of a laptop. 

It might not sound like a huge problem, but if you continue to do that, the hinge of a laptop can break after a while. You can also use the mobile pixels Trio portrait mode and use it in a vertical position for reading the content and doing any leisure activity. 

Since you will be attaching separate screens to your laptop that will give your triple display mode, the entire setup will take up much more battery than the general use. The processing power will be used excessively, and in some cases, your laptop can start to heat after a couple of hours. 

The screen size of Mobile Pixels Trio is 12.5, and Trio Max is 14 inches. Both of them come with the resolution of 1920 X 1080; however, you can use it with a higher resolution laptop. The best thing that we think that Mobile Pixels Trio Series Portable Monitors have to offer is the compatibility with several software and gadgets. 

You can use Trio and Trio Max with Windows operating system, iOS, Linux, Chrome, smartphone, Tablet, and Nintendo Switch. The compatibility with the Nintendo switch is highly enthralling. However, you cannot use them with Nintendo switch lite. 

Mobile Pixels Trio and Trio Max Price

The price of Mobile Pixels Trio is  $359.99, whereas the Mobile Pixels Trio Max is available at a higher cost of $399.99. 

Pros and Cons do Trio Series Portable Monitors


  • Wide viewing angles
  • Support multitasking
  • Portable monitor; great for traveling purpose
  • Number of compatible software and devices
  • Lightweight


  • The price is a bit expensive as compared to the standard monitors. 

Final Verdict

So here we come to the end of the review of Mobile Pixels Trio Series Portable Monitors. Mobile Pixels Trio Series is an outstanding gadget that you can use to increase the level of your virtual workspace, and you can use it for multitasking easily.

With Mobile Pixels Trio Series, you don't have to keep switching the tabs that make this portable monitor an outstanding asset that you can invest in. If you are willing to loosen up your pocket a bit, then you should indeed buy the Trio Series. 

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