Piwik PRO Core Review - Great Alternative to Google Analytics

Analytics stands to be one of the most essential parts of your entire digital marketing journey to achieve your business goals and objectives. With proper analytics, you get the necessary insights into your customer journey, and you can use them well to deliver exactly what your target audience is seeking.

Now, Google Analytics has been a name in providing these analytics solutions. However, one issue with Google Analytics is that it’s not a very private platform. Not only that, it’s quite technical to use and understand, and when you seek advanced features out of it, you even need to pay.

Piwik PRO is an alternative to all of these issues. Piwik PRO is a new age analytics platform that’s free to use, comes with all Google Analytics features, and to top it all, it has complete regard for user security and privacy for the fact that it comes with end-to-end consent management and never sells any user information to any third-party as is the case with Google Analytics.

With all of that, it’s the perfect alternative to Google Analytics! Are you intrigued to know more about this amazing analytics platform? Well, have a read further to know every detail about Piwik PRO so that you can have something more advanced, more private, and more feature-rich in your hands, and that too without needing to pay a penny for it.

Isn’t that something that makes you want to put the platform directly to use? Well, I am sure it does, but if you’re seeking more reasons, I can bet the first thing you’d do after completing this article is use every single feature of Piwik PRO and love it to the core. So, let’s move on to the core features without any further ado.

Features of Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO comes with all the advanced Google Analytics features and a lot more than that. Here’s a complete walkthrough of everything you get with this amazing analytics tool.

Analytics, Tag Manager, and Consent Manager

The Piwik PRO comes with all the three essential features that any analytics tool must have. It has detailed analytics features that get all the data you need about customer behavior, preferences, and other activities and creates amazing reports to give you the perfect customer insights.

It has also got a Tag Manager that will help you track your advertisements and efficiently check all the returns you’re earning on your investments. 

Moreover, to make sure all of this is safe and secure, it has a consent manager to set up how you collect and receive data from different sources. If you’re getting the data from some personal sources, you can choose the opt-in consent management; otherwise, you can simply collect and receive data anonymously without any opt-ins.

With all of that, you get every Google Analytics feature well covered, and you need not look into anything else from getting your customer insights.

Seamless Integration

Not only do you get Google Analytics features in Piwik PRO, but you can even integrate them with Google Ads and Search Console. This gives you a better chance at leveraging the in-built tag manager and consent manager.

Additionally, the tool also offers integration with other dashboard management and reporting tools and solutions like Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc., which adds to the quality of data and reports generated.

Data Retention and Control

The tool provides complete data control, which means that all your data is within your hands, and the tool shall never sell it out to any third parties as Google Analytics does. This gives you privacy over your data and makes sure that your trust in the tool is never breached in any manner. 

Additionally, you can retain your data in the tool for as long as 14months for any future references. So, unless you’ve exceeded the time limit of data retention, you know that you always have a copy of your data and have got enough time to take a backup of the same. 

EU based Cloud Hosting

The platform is hosted over cloud servers. So, you need not spend any money on extra resources of infrastructure to use this platform. You get everything over the web, and you can take as many as half a million actions (500,000actions) in a month with the Piwik PRO plan.

This way, you have every means to have detailed analytics reports and customer insights that will shoot your business to heights.

Benefits of Piwik PRO

Looking at the fantastic features of this analytics suite, its benefits are pretty much self-explanatory. However, let’s still have a brief talk about all the benefits that it has in store to make it an excellent alternative to Google Analytics.

1. All the Google Analytics features along with integration with Google Search Console and Google Ads.

2. Compliance with GDPR, LGPD, CGPA, and more.

3. Full data control and retention along with access to raw data through API.

4. Excellent customer insights with built-in reports and dashboards.

5. No extra plugins are required for analytics or any other activities.

6. Complete privacy and security for your data with no information sold out to any other third party.

So, these are all the major benefits of using the Piwik PRO Core tool. The best part yet is that it’s entirely free. That means you get all these insights with freedom for up to 500,000 actions without spending a penny. You can know more about everything you get in this suite by exploring the official website - https://piwik.pro/core-plan/

Final Words

Once you’ve explored everything about Piwik PRO, you’ll surely not give any second thoughts to it. All that would be on your mind is, let’s start leveraging the suite. I am sure that your fingers are tingling to start using the platform right away.

So, go ahead, use it, and have the most amazing analytics with privacy for free. Moreover, if you love it, which you will, you can move ahead towards the premium plans and have more features altogether. 

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