4 Companies Making Sustainable Innovations

When people think about sustainability, people generally think about specific types of technologies. Renewable energies, electric cars, carbon capture, and carbon offsetting are all things you probably think of when you think of sustainability.  However, sustainability is not only about finding solutions to existing problems; it is also about changing attitudes and implementing proactive solutions to avoid and mitigate damaging practices. One way to go about reducing your carbon emissions as a business is to speak to the right IT Support Companies and get their advice. 

For example, every single industry involves a highly complex, and diversified balance of systems and processes, which can sometimes make it difficult to assess the overall sustainability of a company, and their environmental impact. Nowadays, businesses are getting help from experts such as an Office 365 Consultant or tech expert to advise on where to be more sustainable. Producing technologies that help businesses and industry more accurately monitor and assess their environmental impact is a very important approach.

Below, are some examples of companies that are innovating new technologies to help businesses become more conscious.

Spark EV

This company is developing software to be used in electric vehicles. As popularity for electric cars (and even electric trucks & HGVs) grows, so will the infrastructure for charging EVs. However, a frequent consumer concern around EVs is the range you get per charge - the EV equivalent of gas mileage. Spark EV is helping in this area with their AI-powered software that offers unparalleled range prediction by analyzing live data from within the vehicle. This software will mean users know how much range they will get out of each charge, or how much range they have before they will need to recharge.

Temporal Computing

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly a powerful tool for sustainability, capable of providing a business with deep analytics and meaningful insights into their carbon footprint and sustainability credentials. Temporal Computing’s aim is to develop new models for AI computing that could accelerate processing and computation for AI, and at the same time, reduce energy consumption. There has been an increase in providers of IT Support South London Solutions which now consider consumption and how to reduce this. Not only is the prospect of more energy efficient computing a great step for sustainability, but the resultant technology could be further utilized to help businesses monitor and improve their environmental impact.


Providing tools for the energy sector to better manage and monitor energy consumption is very important for reducing carbon footprints. This is exactly what Surple does; collects data on electricity, gas, water and energy generation and provides a bird’s eye view of all of these metrics, making it easier to monitor energy usage. 

The best part is that Surple uses machine learning, so that it gets better at monitoring and analyzing energy data over time.


The generation and collection of data is an advanced way for industries to measure and improve sustainability. For example, using IoT technology in a factory can help get detailed, live data on the performance and efficiency of machinery. Similarly, Tribosonics are leaders in the development of sensor technology. Their ultrasonic measurement technology can be embedded in all kinds of machinery to produce valuable data. Their technology has been applied in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and power generation. 

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