Sudio T2 True Wireless Earphone Review: Immersive Sound with Great Design

In this crowded world where traffic noises, human chaos and horns sound is everywhere, everyone wants to have a moment of theirs. Everyone wants to have a peaceful moment with a sweet, melodic track playing around them. Well, this dream can now be true with the new release of the Sudio T2 Earbuds in the market.

Sudio is a Swedish company that manufactures various minimalistic and sophisticated audio pieces. The brand is now back with a bang named T2 True Wireless Earbuds. Let’s dive deep into the matter to know what exactly the company has in store to offer its customers.

Features and Specifications

A huge fraction of the population is crazy for various types of music whether it is pop music or classical. In that case, it becomes super necessary for the brand to stand out of the league and fulfill its consumer’s demands and needs. Similarly, a lot of expectations are attached to the Sudio T2 earbuds. The specifications of the device are as – 

1. Type - Sudio T2 true is an in-ear wireless earbud set. 

2. Compatibility – The Earbuds are compatible with various devices like android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

3. Connectivity – The T2 earbuds are equipped with wireless Bluetooth version 5.2 to get connected to the concerned devices. 

4. Playtime – The T2 wireless earbuds are capable of working for a decent playtime of 35 hours usually, but it lasts up to 7 to 8 hours in one charge.

5. Resistance – The device is sweat resistance and splash-proof.

6. Buttons or control type – the device uses the latest touch panel to operate.

7. Microphone – Another keystone feature of any earbuds would be their microphone. As far as the T2 wireless earbuds are concerned, these sport four microphones, two on each side.

8. Weight – Another thing that matters is the weight of the device. The lighter the device is, the more convenient is it to carry. The whole unit of T2 true wireless earbuds weighs around 46.2 grams, including the charging case.

9. Range – Range is another factor to mind whenever anyone decides to own a pair of earbuds. The same device has a range of 10m which means it can connect to any device inside the radius of 10m. 

Outer Appearance

The newly launched T2 true wireless has a matte finish body, which is evident in its premium and sturdy looks. The case is more round and curvy rather than straight and edgy. There is a strap present that can be detached from the case if you want. Now, moving on to the earbuds, the earbuds are pretty similar to the case, round and with no angular edges. This makes it more comfortable and stylish. The brand has made exceptional efforts by testing the buds on over 400 ears and passed 17 iterations before designing this that too in two continents. There is no pain or discomfort while putting these earbuds on. 

Colour Variants

The T2 true wireless earbuds are available in multiple colour variations. There are four colour variants which are black, white, jade and sand. All the colours are pleasant and super trendy to look at. The sand variant gives a hint of trendy dusky pink, soft and subtle. Adding to it, it looks adorable. 

What Comes in the Box?

Like with any other electronic device, the Sudio T2 true Wireless Earbuds comes with some useful accessories in the box along with the case and the earbuds. Let’s have a look at the other components of the box. These are – a user manual, a cleaning cloth, and three pairs of ear tips to match your perfect size.

How does it Sound?

These earbuds do not sound like “blowing the audiophile away”, but it does produce a crisp, clear and robust sound. The brand is more about Bass, and it has come up with a deeper bass, highly refined and balanced audio quality. Moreover, it is equipped with anti-noise cancellation (ANC) technology to sense the ambient noises and produce frequencies accordingly. Hence, this is an ideal product to have an immersive and memorable listening experience. 

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