6 Super Mario Games to Play in 2022

One of the most well-known video game characters is the Italian plumber who jumps over his enemy. Yes, we are talking about the world-famous Super Mario. The Super Mario series is 35 years old. Super Mario was first seen in the 1981 arcade classic "Donkey Kong," The Super Mario video game became world-famous. The range of Super Mario Games varies from classic games like "Super Mario World'' to complex games like "Mario's Time Machine." 

Ranking the Super Mario Games is a difficult task because these games' experience is different with different people. However, Mario is such a beautiful game that even the worst Mario game is acceptable. So here, we are still trying to name a few Super Mario Games Which you can play in 2022.

1. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is the ultimate mix of innovation, creativeness, and an incredible 3D experience. It is one of the best Mario Nintendo ever made. It has a great mix of ideas, art styles, and game technology as well. Every component in this game has an excellent quality, resulting in Mario's easy movement around the globe to his destination.

There are many other characters in this game as well. Some can run, some can jump, others can attack, and few do not do anything. Every kingdom you visit gives a joyful and fun experience, and you can't get full of it. You get a large number of enemies and many new things to discover there. It is fun even if you do small tasks like trying on an outfit or big jobs like hunting the moon, making it the best Super Mario Game of all time.

2. Super Mario World

Super Mario World has gorgeous 2D visuals. It is the improved version of the already existing three Mario games that you built before it. It has many secret exits, which allows you to follow different paths in the game. 

The plumber in the game has new abilities to survive in the game, and exploring the world by him was also increased in this game; this was done as Mario and Yoshi teamed up for the original time for this game. It is a lovely 2D experience for Mario; in fact, the best 2D experience Mario ever got. 

3. Super Mario Galaxy

In Super Mario Galaxy, the plumber bounces from one galaxy to another to collect superpowers, and it is the final frontier. Mario can navigate the galaxy as it consists of planets and structures, which help him do so. In addition, the gravitational force allows him to move from top to bottom and vice versa and around the world. This freedom to move around the galaxies is a very refreshing experience.

The Star Pointer was the breakthrough in this game. That helped him pick the objects, throw them at enemies, and interact with the environment. Mario could shatter objects, stun enemies, and trigger various projectiles by just pulling a Wii remote; people also love this feature. The Super Mario Galaxy is an enjoyable experience in the cosmos that continuously build curiosity in the plyers about his next journey.

4. Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 is a 2D game that is very simple and fun to play. This game is the original one with more of everything: enemies, theme, game style, widgets, power-ups, story mode, multiplayer, etc. This game brings sheer joy and freedom to the players because of its additional features if you require a Nintendo 3D ROM, just one click away, especially for Mario games! The game has evolved much since it was originally released, as there are several free updates available. Ninji Speedruns with various new elements adds to the quality and experience of the game. If you are a Mario fan, this game is a must to buy.

5. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are both beautiful pieces of the company. Galaxy game's fans over argue over which is the best among the two. As Super Mario Galaxy 2 expanded on the original game, we are going with the first one.

It has more color dials and expanded on inventiveness. This game enables a wide variety of obstacles and environments than the first game. It has more features and more vital creative elements as well. It's absolutely a brilliant idea to give this game a try if you have not played it yet.

6. Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 was the first 3D game by Nintendo. You can still have a fantastic experience by playing this game nowadays also. Isn't it remarkable? Playing this game is an effortless and fun experience as the mechanics were somehow self-evident or worked naturally. It was one of the best games build by Mario. The formulas which you used in making it are still being used. 

We control Mario in new games is still the same way we used to control it with the N64 controller. This game set the stage for 3D gaming and still is an enjoyable and refreshing experience. 

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