Online Animation Maker For Business: Create Your Animation With Doratoon

According to one study, the animation market grew up to 270 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. The importance of the animation video maker online has increased manifold, especially in the last few years. When personal communication skills play less role in making good impressions on the customers, animation software online plays a critical role in marketing and business. This article focuses on a free online animation maker, Doratoon. The software can attract your customers to your product and help increase your profits.

Why is Animated Video the Best Strategy for Your Social Media?

The marketing trend today has brought a load of video ads on social media sites. Most of the videos are very explanatory. And customers usually find them boring. People have the option to skip ads if they don’t like them. However, videos with animations have a high chance of engaging large audiences. So, animated videos are one of the top marketing, and companies are ready to invest in the best animation software. Let’s now discuss how animated videos can be the best social media marketing strategy.

  • The animated videos are visually attractive and make a connection with the customers by presenting exactly what they are seeking. People spend around 1/3 of the total time on the internet watching videos. So, it is the best way to cash it and turn the viewers into customers. 
  • The animation videos tend to present the most complex ideas in the simplest forms. You can make the characters talk and act in any suitable way for your marketing campaign. 
  • The customers of today are smart and only buy products after investigating properly. And they prefer the animated ads of a product or service over the long boring articles. Once they see the product and its features in the animated ads, they are more likely to engage in the product.

Currently, Doratoon is the best online animation maker for your product’s marketing. It is free software that offers a thousand templates that get customized. The best part is that it provides designs for a variety of businesses. So, either you are a big or small company, Doratoon is the best choice to attract your customers through animations.

How to Get Started with Doratoon?

Doratoon is a simple animation software online that guides the user through creating an attractive animation. Here are steps that you can use to start creating your animated video on the app. 

1. First, go to the official website of Doratoon. Then click on the "create for free" link. It will take you to the sign-in page.

2. You can start up by logging in with your Google and Facebook accounts.

3. Once you are signed in, you see the "create new video" link on the left side. By clicking on the link, you would get redirected to a blank project page.

4. On this page, all the desirable options for your animation would be visible. You can select the images or templates from the left pane. The option to add the background, sound, and different texts would also be visible on the left pane.

5. You can also adjust the background color and change the aspected ratio depending on the media you wish to upload your video.

6. Once you create your masterpiece, you can export your video to your device without any copyright issues.

Doratoon: Functions and Features

Doratoon is one of the best animated video makers because of its user-friendly nature and unique features. Let’s discuss all of them one by one. 

• Use-Friendly software

Doratoon requires only a basic understanding of the software. So, any person with the knowledge of PowerPoint can create captivating animations on Doratoon.

• Unique animations

Doratoon offers an online workspace to create the most attractive and fascinating animations. The users can use their image stocks or download hundreds of pictures from the internet on the go and use them in their unique animation videos.

• 1000+ templates

Doratoon offers more than a thousand customizable templates for your animation. Irrespective of the industry you belong to, you can always find the most suitable template for your video, and most importantly, you can adjust it in any desirable way.

• Dubbing through Artificial Intelligence

the software makes the best use of artificial intelligence to add dubbing to your animation. It simply converts the text into speech to give a smart touch to your videos.

• Conversion from PPT into Video

A fantastic function of Doratoon is that it can easily convert the PowerPoint version into a video. There is nothing to worry about if you are starting with the PowerPoint because you can create content in a video within few clicks.

• Smart characters

to give a realistic touch to your video, Doratoon helps you generate various characters with authentic facial expressions. Such characters enhance the connectivity of the video with the audience.

• Easy Subtitling

just like Doratoon, can convert the texts into speech. It can also turn your speech into the texts that you want to include in your animation video. And that can save your time in manually texting all the content.

Final Words

This article was to introduce you to Doratoon, a free online animation maker and can be used to enhance your business engagement on online forums. On all over social media, the audience is mainly attracted by captivating videos of the products than the lengthy blog posts because the visuals best explain the product they intend to buy. Hence, you can use Doratoon on the go to create your unique content and increase your business rating. 

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