7 Ways How AI is Helping Designers in 2022

Despite the calamities of 2020-21, artificial intelligence has advanced at a faster rate. We are currently living in an era where AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming more and more real in our lifestyles. Search engine algorithms and digital assistants like Alexa and Siri are prevalent in our daily lives, however robots are yet to take over.

AI wizardry is here to transform the world, making us excited with anticipation while also alarming us by surpassing human efficiency. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the latest trend in many domains, including design. There are ongoing conversations between ui ux designers and developers about the future impact of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & other capabilities of AI technology. However, AI is still figuring out exactly how it will work in the design world as businesses realize the importance of ui/ux design for game-changing apps.

So, what does design bring to the conversation? With AI, new relationships will need to be established between customer and product. These interactions will be just the beginning of the engagement between business and consumer about what artificial intelligence can, and should be able to do for products and services. The ui ux designers will bring the necessary empathetic context for innovation, which is how a business will succeed with AI.

AI Holds a Lot of Potential for The Design World

Due to the increased speed and efficiency that AI provides, ui ux designers can generate designs faster and for less money. The speed with which AI can assess large volumes of data and make design suggestions will be its greatest strength. Based on the data, a designer can cherry-pick and approve revisions.

Basic designs are scanned in, a few parameters are entered, and a library of proven UI components is used to produce a prototype in alignment with a company design system, allowing for quick design prototyping. Airbnb is already doing it, generating design components with production-ready code from hand-drawn wireframe sketches using machine learning and computer vision-enabled AI.

It is evident that AI has been shaping every other aspect of our life, while we advocate the importance of ui/ux design for apps. AI technology has opened up several doors and opportunities for ui ux designers while providing users with a significantly enhanced experience.

How AI Enhances App Design

1. By automatically improving a product's design based on millions of other successful ones, you can create winning designs faster. AI can even propose completely new design options and explain how and why they will boost user engagement.  

2. Personalize ecommerce sites as well as evolve overall appearance. Ui ux designers build a branded baseline design, and AI improves the experience for shoppers based on their profile and billions of data points on the fly.

3. Through facial recognition and computer vision, AI is able to determine gender, age, location context, and the current mood of the user. Ui ux designers can deliver more personalized experiences based on this information. 

4. Ui ux designers can develop faster, more convenient, more personalized experiences by combining AI with speech recognition and chatbots. In 2021, the number of individuals using digital assistants is expected to increase from millions to over billions

5. AI helps designers create higher-performing products by analyzing large quantities of data and recommending the best-converting designs, UX best practices, conventions and standards, and known usability metrics

6. AI co-creating with designers predicts how consumers look at/read material on a screen based on thousands of previous studies, allowing designers to focus attention on key places

7. Based on user profiles, preferences, and tracking data, AI creates millions of unique variations of homepages and landing pages for news sites and media brands.

Designers do not need to be concerned. In the short run, AI and robots will not be able to replace humanity. Rather than posing a threat, AI will open up new possibilities. As creativity sits in the crossroads of art, science, engineering, and design, leveraging those design potentials will not happen by magic, but by ui ux designers co-creating with AI. Technology in the past made us stronger and faster. AI will make us smarter. We just need to wait a little longer.


Presently, AI has gone full circle to reshape UX UI design. Every day, new AI solutions emerge, making it difficult to predict how app design will evolve in the future.

Nonetheless, we know without a fact that AI technology will never be able to replace creative ui ux designers, because humans have the fascinating, one-of-a-kind capacity to elicit emotions and responses from people and provide the groundwork for design.

However, the only fact to consider right now is that AI will ramp up the mobile apps and will ensure better user engagement within the mobile apps. With businesses incorporating AI within mobile apps, it will surely be a good start for them, as it will enhance user experience and will result in more conversions. 

The goal is to figure out how AI fits into your company and how you might use it to meet your needs. Once you've completed your requirement analysis and have an algorithm in place, you can begin adding AI into your mobile app and monitor its progress.

If we have been able to convince you about the importance of ui/ux design leveraging artificial intelligence, and if you are ready to give it a chance for your business, then it’s time to hire the best and experienced AI app developers. 

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