Spanish Startup Ekuore Developed a Digital Stethoscope that Enables Remote Auscultation

In the tech liable world of today, the Spanish start-up Ekuore comes up with a new technology of a Digital Stethoscope that enables remote auscultation and makes it easier to meet the need of the hour. The medical sector is developing and becoming digitalized with great pace and the new Digital Stethoscope by Ekuore marks a significant entry in it. Let us know more about the new technology-based medical equipment. In this article, we will be discussing the Ekuore Digital Stethoscope, its benefits over normal stethoscopes, and other such points.

Ekuore Human Health Devices are intended to make precise diagnostics while retaining healthcare professionals safe. One such example is the new Digital Stethoscope Ekuore.

The products provide isolation among medical professionals. Using Wi-Fi, our electronic technologies connect to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

The new Digital Stethoscope Ekuore is a piece of very useful equipment and enables remote auscultation. 

Following are some more benefits of the digital stethoscope:

  • Benefits include total isolation between doctors and infected patients during pandemic outbreaks.
  • Controlled remotely to your mobile device Auscultations can be saved to the patient's record and shared with another physician for a second opinion.
  • Assortment of chest bits for hygienic purposes and acoustic examinations of children and adults.
  • It has been designed in a way that it can reach up to 5 volumes high to improve your auscultation.

The new Digital Stethoscope EKuore is not only helpful for human treatment but also for animals. It can help to treat different patients in different modes. Let our know-how –

The digital stethoscope helps in diagnosing telehealth. With Ekuore for Telehealth, you can offer your patients faster and more personalized medical care. The new digital stethoscope is among those medical devices that are designed to conduct proper diagnostics and easily communicate with your telehealth platform, sending data straight from the machines to your system.

The device helps telehealth in the following ways:

  • With just one API, we can connect all of our telemedicine equipment at once, saving us time. It is much more efficient to integrate different devices for different APIs than to integrate them all.
  • An easy-to-integrate product that offers value to telehealth technology solutions.
  • Isolating doctors from potentially infected patients.

The device comes with a full package of medical support systems and provides the medical staff to work properly. Specifically, in times of pandemics, the devices have proved to be of great help. The tech-based device has diagnosed many patients without letting the doctor or the medical staff being infected. Using digital technology, a stethoscope can revert an acoustic signal into electronic signals, which can then be amplified for the best possible listening.

A desktop computer or a laptop can receive these signals after they have been analyzed and digitized by a personal computer. Using digital stethoscope auscultation, a doctor can change patient care. After data acquisition, pre-processing, and signal processing, an electronic stethoscope's listener can hear the audible sounds. In the data acquisition system, a microphone or a piezoelectric sensor is used to gather the data. As well as converting the acoustic sound to a carrier form, the filter is accountable for filtering, encoding, and amplification the sensations. In the pre-processing module, the digital signal is processed and artifacts are removed from the signal. They are then sent to the signal conditioning module, which will pack the details in a higher-order classification and cluster the information for a diagnostics decision. There are many different types of transducers on a digital stethoscope, except for the acoustic stethoscope. The article gives you an account of the new Digital Stethoscope Ekuore. 

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