Stellar Photo Recovery Tool Review

The best thing about the development of technology is that we can relive moments from the past with the help of pictures and videos. Most of the time, we forget that we need to protect the pictures when we save them on our devices. Sometimes, you might lose your precious memories due to various reasons like disk corruption, formatting, deletion, virus, inaccessible devices, and more. During such unfortunate times, all you could do is sit and wonder how to retrieve those files again. That is not the case anymore. 

Recover Your Lost Moments With Ease

The internet has many applications that help you recover your lost pictures. However, you have to find the most efficient one to recover your images safely and securely. When you sink in the sadness of losing your favorite pictures, we came up with a solution. Your pictures are not gone forever if you have Stellar Photo Recovery tool. This software allows you to recover all your lost files from any dark abyss. It performs an efficient scan to locate all the pictures and media files that are recoverable. The scan is powerful enough to dig deep and even bring out encrypted images and files. After the scanning process, the application provides a preview of all the scanned media files and media files. You can use the scan information on the screen to recover all the lost media files and images. It also allows you to select specific pictures to recover. 

Why Fear When Stellar is Here!

Stellar Photo Recovery tool helps you recover all your lost media files quickly and effortlessly. Nonetheless, it is extremely reliable. It supports the recovery of various formats of files, including audio file formats, photo file formats, and digital photo file formats. The features of this software also support all the well-known brands of cameras, digital card readers, and external storage media. 

Finding software that can do multiple tasks at once is not an easy joke. Besides multitasking, the app also ensures privacy and safety. The software is so user-friendly that anyone can learn how to access and handle it in no time. Now let us see the key features of the software.

1. File Recovery:

The application helps you find all the photos deleted accidentally. After locating, it allows you to recover them.

2. Raw Recovery Support: 

Raw recovery of volumes and hard drives help you search data according to signatures. Searching photos using this manner makes it easy for people to learn to use them.

3. Deep Scanning:

Deep scan is a signature-based search that helps you maximize the recovery in difficult data loss cases when you lose your photos due to formatting or virus attacks.

4. Specific File Search:

This feature of the software helps you locate a specific type of file (photo)that you wish to find. It assists you to locate photos saved in specific folders or a logical drive. 

5. Image Creation:

This feature of the software supports image creation. Image creation for volumes of recovery and hard disk is possible now. Indeed effortlessly.

6. Preview Support:

Preview support is one of the most useful features of the software. The feature provides a preview of all the recoverable files before recovery. Besides, it supports almost all formats of files.

7. Save and Resume Recovery:

This option helps you to recover photos without scanning the drive again in the middle of the process. Therefore, this feature helps you if you wish to recover data at a later stage.

8. Bitlocker Support: 

This option supports photos that are protected using Bitlocker. Even encrypted photos can be recovered using this software.

9. File Support System:

This incredible feature of the software supports various file systems including, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, CD/DVD, CDFS, UDF, HFS+, and more.

10. Recover Files with Metadata:

This feature supports recovering photos with the original date, timestamp, camera model, camera name, resolution, and file name.

Stellar is a blessing in disguise with the following features:

  • Recovers Unlimited File Formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, RAW, etc.
  • Restores Motion Formats including MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, etc.
  • Recovers Audio File Formats including MP3, WAV, RPS, OGG, etc.
  • Recovers from HDD, SSD, 4K Hard Drives, USB Drives, SD Cards, etc.


If you wish to bring back all your lost precious memories, the best software you can rely on would be the Stellar Photo Recovery Tool. You need not worry about losing your photos forever, anymore. You can recover all your lost memories, audio files, video files, and pictures effortlessly using this software.

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