[Product Review] Quntis 30W USB-C Power Adapter

If you're looking for the perfect deal for the iPhone and iPad chargers, it's worth considering giving a try to the all-new Quntis 30W USB-C Power Adapter. It has got plenty of good reviews on behalf of the customers. Today we're going to review it to understand its features.

The Top-Notch Design

Featuring the single USB port on one end, Quntis 30W USB-C Power Adapter turns out to be the best supportive unit with a 2 meters long light cable. Measuring a distinct size, this is a pocket-friendly unit. It comes with the UK pins that are fixed and will never turn out to be problematic. This is the best adapter that ensures Delivery of 30W at fast speeds. You can get this via the USB C output port. The feature helps to fully charge your iPad Pro 10.5" (2017). That said, it can fulfill the purpose in just 2hrs 30mins. Save nearly 2 hours compared to the standard 12W USB charger. Besides, you can also save 32 minutes compared with an 18W USB-C power adapter.

The 30-Watt charger keeps away additional two hours when compared to the stock Apple Charger for the older iPhone on the iPad. That said, it can come with a range of abilities that make it a better option over many others.

Vivid View on the Capacity of the Adapter

Usually, the problem with many travel charges is that the power output doesn't turn out to be efficient enough for charging a powerful laptop like the Apple MacBook Pro. That said, you can get the speediest unit that will not take much more time when it is powered or charging the smartphone or tablet along with the power-hungry laptop.

In the box, you can get the main quick charger that comes with a white glossy casing. It measures 74x64x63. You can get the availability of the two adults additional adaptors for the EU and the UK outlets that usually come loosely bundled with the simple attachments to the charger. When compared to many other third-party power adaptors, you can rest assured that with this unit, you can get the free fight USB C to USB C power cable that measures surround 1.5. This is something that is enough for use when the power outlet is closed by a process. It comes with the classic cable that is slightly thicker when compared to the stock USB-C from the Apple power supply cable.

MFi Certified Lightning Cable

This has another feature MFi certified that will allow seamlessly syncing data between devices. It can charge the iPhone 12 anytime at full speed. The Attainment of the objective is due to the USB-C to Lightning cable (6.6ft long). An intelligent chip automatically ensures the detection and delivery of the optimal charging power for connected devices. Besides, the idea of protecting battery life also becomes the best idea with this high-tech multi-protection gadget. 

The Latest Model in the Affordable Range

You can also get the latest model for giving the perfect support to the charging devices. It comes with the support for the power output of 5 volt 3 amperes with the help of the maximum output of the 24 volts 3 amperes. This is more than enough power for supplying power to the Macbook Air with the help of 13 inches Apple MacBook Pro or something equivalent to the Windows laptop or the Google Chromebook. 

Final Words

The charger works as a Fast Charger for the iPhone and iPad. It’s the perfect time to try the Quntis 30W USB-C Power Adapter. 6FT USB C to Lightning Cable and PD Charging Block also makes it a fit charger for multiple devices. That said, it is fit for the iPhone 12/11/Pro Max/XS/Plus/SE2/ XR/X/8/iPad Pro/Airpods Pro. Get the best charging capability with the Quntis 30W USB C power delivery wall charger. Besides, you can get the 6.6ft USB-C to lightning cable, with a worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. 

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