Did Your Mac Crash? Here Is How You Can Recover Data From It

If you are someone whose Mac system has crashed, you are not alone. 

In the past few years, more and more Apple users have reported crashes, which have severely damaged their data and caused data loss. Losing crucial files and data can be an overwhelming experience. 

More often than not, even if you are able to get the system up and running again, you lose all your data files. 

Recovering your data is not as easy as it sounds, and no matter how good Apple Support is at helping you, chances are you would need to say goodbye to your data forever. 

However, not all is lost. Very recently, some great and result-oriented data recovery software has emerged on the market. While not all of them can offer stellar performance, they are nevertheless a crucial strategy you can employ to recover data from your Mac.

In this article, we speak to the leading experts at iBoysoft and try to understand how someone can recover deleted and lost data in the easiest possible way using iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. 

Why do Mac Hard Drives Crash: Possible Reasons

There are three main reasons why Mac hard drives crash. Let us look at them- 

Physical Causes- 

Very simple, you might just drop your MacBook leading to shock and push around the movement of the hard drive. An increase in moisture levels, as well as humidity, can also cause some hard drives to crash. This leads to read-write crashes and ends up corrupting everything on the drive.  

Sudden Power Fluctuations- 

Many iMac users have reported that their systems have crashed after the power went out. In other words, power fluctuations have been reported as a major cause, which can lead hard drives to get damaged. Sudden withdrawal and bursts of power cause spikes in the system, leading to damages. 

Malware Attack- 

Always remember there are malware or malicious virus waiting to attack your computer. And they are possible to cause your Mac hard drive to misfunction. Therefore, you can’t be too careful when downloading third-party software on the Mac.

How to Recover Data from your Damaged Mac?

In this section, we will discuss three possible ways you can employ to recover data from the damaged Mac. 

1. Disk Utility-

It’s possible that you can’t find your files after a Mac crash, but actually, the files can be found once you have repaired the damaged disk. Lucky you, Apple has a built-in tool to help you fix the problematic disk, Disk Utility. Just go to Launchpad > Other > Disk Utility, and you can repair the disk using the First Aid feature. Once the disk is ready, can you open the files as usual?

2. Time Machine- 

A simple understanding of Time Machine is setting your Mac’s time and date to an earlier period and restoring all the data on the hard drive for that period. However, this method requires two things. First, you have to have turned on Time Machine to back up before losing your data. Second, Time Machine might not be able to restore your data if your Mac is corrupted or damaged. In our tests, we have seen that Time Machine can help with recovering deleted files but can do nothing when it comes to lost files. 

That is to say, if the hard drive is damaged or corrupted due to some reason, you will not be able to recover the files using Time Machine. Under this situation, what else can you do to trace back your files? Let’s move to the second solution.

3. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac- 

This option is definitely what we most recommend. The simple reason is that it works! The free Mac data recovery software may manage to cope with data recovery in normal situations, but they can’t retrieve files from a crashed device successfully. However, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is able to recover lost data from problematic devices, including unmountable, unreadable, and even corrupted drives. Besides, it’s able to:

  • Recover data from T2 encrypted Mac. The Apple T2 Security chip can be found on all Mac devices introduced after 2018. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is one of the few data recovery software that can restore your files from T2-secured Macs.
  • Recover data from the latest macOS 11. As Apple introduced macOS 11, iBoysoft also kept the pace and upgraded their product to make it fully compatible with the latest macOS. So, no worries if you are running the new operating system.
  • Recover data from unbootable Mac. No matter what boot up issue you are faced with, the software is capable of recovering your data from an unbootable Mac. 

While delivering excellent performance, it is also easy to understand and its user interface will make you feel like you are using a native Apple app or software. A simple download and free installation can help recover all files. 

The Final Word

If you are looking for a simple, no-frills solution to your data recovery problems, professional data recovery software is probably the best option. Among all the data recovery software on the market,  iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is the one we would recommend most given its powerful functions and easy hand-on operations. 

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