[App Review] Memorize Slowly for iOS and Its Features

Modernization is always bringing out the best for people. There is no need for an individual to end up with things that seem to be impossible in earlier times. By keeping the same in mind, the developers come up with an interesting app Memorize Slowly for iOS.

If you have no idea about the application, Memorize Slowly, you are on the right page. This app offers something supposed to be an innovative approach. This shows a new attempt to memorize words by looking at animated relations with unique motions. Here we will be going to discuss this application so that when you download it, you can start using it right away without any trouble.

What is the Memorize Slowly App is all about?

Memorize slowly app is an application which is specially developed for all those who want to learn new words regularly and want to remember them as well. Animations are used so that it will penetrate into the memory slowly and spontaneously. The data available on this application is quite vast and versatile and is sufficient to meet the demand of an individual. There will be no such trouble arise to the user in any case because they will be going to get the information they want. They just need to search and within no time, the same result will get appeared right in front of them.

Top Features of the App

This application is occupied with various features as well. These are as follows:-

The word will appear in a play format:

The word you see on the screen will appear in a play format, and some other related words will also move around. Later on, the related words will also start to move. The relations between the words will be visualized to users, and they need to understand the relations in between.


To practice things efficiently, tests will also get conducted over the application. A user needs to look forward to related and non-related words that are swimming around. They need to look at the correct ones and tap them. The results of the test will get accumulated and help them to judge their performance.


The training option is also integrated into the application. A user will go through the successive play of words to become part of repetitions and understand the word in detail. It is an effective way to learn new things easily.


There will be no need for a user to move ahead with the same search every time. They can easily make a choice as they want. They can easily pick the words individually and execute the play or test according to their preference.

Types of categories available:

This application is occupying multiple categories as well. Some readymade categories, including the English-French adjective, English-Japanese adjective, English-Chinese adjective, world countries and regions, chemical elements, and a natural number of math, are also integrated into it.

And some other features are there which help users to learn about things easily. It hit in the category of application designed especially for educational purposes.

How to Install the Application?

When a user wants to install the application, they just need to visit the Apple App Store and download it from there. Within no time, it will get downloaded. In starting, it is free to use application and to get access to some additional features, you need to purchase the application as well.


What else you want when learning about what will become such an easy task for you. There will be no need for you to miss anything at all, and you can strengthen your vocabulary easily. You will be able to memorize the words and relations easily. Additionally, quiz game is also organized which help you to understand whether you remember things or not. 

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