CleanMyMac X Review: The Best Way To Speed Up Your Mac

Improving the functionality of the device is an important task to consider. If a person is not aware of it, then they will end up with a device that is not working in their favor. For all the Mac users out there, CleanMyMac X is developed.

If you are a Mac user, then you might be aware of it, or there might be a chance to have not heard about it as well. If the scenario is so, then this read is for you only. Let's start this read and have a look at what this application is all about.

What is CleanMyMac X?

CleanMyMac X Review

CleanMyMac X is a cleaning tool which is specially developed for all Mac users. There are so many top-class features that let a user clean the disk and memory. All the Diagnostic features are there that will help a user to identify what they need to clean and what they needed to keep. Moreover, hard drive management, along with web browsing history and cookies, is also there. If a user wants to clean up the data of the used application, they will be able to do it easily.

One can only conclude that this tool will allow the user to maintain their Macbook easily without any hassle.

Features of CleanMyMac X:

When it comes to having a look at the features, then a user will get surprised to see that for their requirement and to maintain the life of their Macbook, the features are integrated. Let's have a closer look at the same.

  - Application uninstaller: 

Uninstalling an application may become a difficult task for a user, and they feel like some junk may be there on their device, which may affect the activity. But when you are using CleanMyMac X, the same problem is not going to arise at all.

  - Detection of large files:

Some large files are there on your system, which may affect the activity. It will detect all the large files easily. Within no time, a clear report will be right in front of the user, and they can easily check out whether they want to keep it or remove it.

  - Fast scanning speed:

When it comes to cleaning the device, it is important that the tool is appropriate enough in scanning. It comes up with a fast scanning speed, which lets you get the results within no time. There will be no need for a user to wait for a very long duration to perform the scan and get the results.

  - Optimize the performance:

If you feel like junk has equipped a place on your Macbook, and you want to clean it as soon as possible for optimizing the performance, the CleanMyMac X tool will be the great choice for you to have. There will be no need for you to feel like it is not working in your favor at all. The tool is developed by keeping the same into consideration and to allow a user to get the results as they are expecting.

  - User interface:

The user interface of the portal is quite advanced as well. There will be no need for you to end up with a portal that is creating any trouble considering completion of the task. As soon as you get the tool on your device, then soon you will be able to operate it.

  - Detection of junk from various folders:

When junk has equipped a place, it becomes difficult for a user to use the device. After having the CleanMyMac X on your device, you will be able to detect junk easily. Photo junk, system junk, and other junk on the device will be detected, and a user will be able to resolve it as soon as possible. iTunes junk may also create trouble, and the CleanMyMac X will detect the same as well.

Is CleanMyMac X safe to use?

There is no doubt in the fact that CleanMyMac X is a safe application to consider. The MacPaw, after so many researchers, came to the conclusion that this is a one-stop destination for all those who wish to optimize the performance of their Macbook. There will be no need for a user to install any other tool at all. They just need to get it, and within no time, things will start working in their favor.

Cost of CleanMyMac X tool:

The cost a user needs to pay for this tool is as mentioned in the table below:-



One-Year Subscription


One-Time Purchase


Setapp Subscription

$9.99 monthly subscription.

Upgrade from an old version

at a 50% discount or get a 40% discount

How to install and activate CleanMyMac X:

Steps are very simple and individual news to follow whenever they wish to install and activate CleanMyMac X.

1. Primarily download the CleanMyMac X tool from the Mac app store.

2. Now complete the installation procedure.

3. As soon as you are done with the installation procedure, now you need to open the CleanMyMac X.

4. On the left corner of the window unlock full version button is there. Click on it.

5. In the license activation dialogue box, choose the appropriate option.

  • Enter Activation Number (if you already have a license)
  • Buy License (if you do not have a license)

6. Enter your activation number in the license activation dialogue box.

7. And that's it now the application is activated, and you are ready to use it.


CleanMyMac X is a one-stop destination for all the Macbook Pro users because it let them maintain their device accordingly. There will be no need for them to end up with any junk in their device. From time to time, they will be able to secure the data and also remove data, which is creating a nuisance to the activities. 

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  1. Well detailed. I have tried their trial version and it did the job. Its worth getting it for older mac computers especially.

    Have you tried their malware scanner feature? do they work as promised? Like to hear some user feedbacks on the malware scanner.