4 Reasons The Clover Mini Is Perfect for Retail

The Clover family of POS systems has dominated the industry for more than a decade, and for good reason. Long before the second generation of the flagship Clover POS, the company was already expanding the available models with additional options for mobile businesses, appointment-based services, and even key food service niches. That's produced a huge range of options that all rely on the same easy to navigate operating system. Whether you're looking for a Clover add-on that gives you options in more locations or you're investing in a versatile mainstay for your small business, there are a lot of reasons to adopt the Clover Mini when you're due for an upgrade.

1. Handle Transactions Anyplace in Your Shop

One of the biggest demands made by businesses that cater to clients individually is versatility in the checkout system. When your retail business involves a lot of customer education and service, sending that customer to a queue to wait breaks the rapport your staff works hard to build. Using a Clover Mini POS for each employee means empowering staff to check out each customer as they close sales, no matter where in the store they are standing. Make your boutique sales more personal, or let customers stay in their vehicles to simplify payment by using the Clover Mini as an automotive POS system.

2. Low Costs for Additional POS Terminals

While the full-size Clover system can add additional screens to handle multiple terminals, they all need to maintain a connection to the base unit. The base itself also has a relatively high initial investment cost. By contrast, the Clover Mini is often available at a discount when you sign up for new service, if not for free. Additional models operate independently, but setting up your system and tracking inventory from a shared account resource is easy. You don't even need to worry about maintaining Wi-Fi connectivity, since the Clover Mini is built to operate in the field with mobile data.

3. Handle Pop Up Events Easily

Mobile data means you can also pick up and go to pop-up events like local festivals and fairs, operating a booth on site just as easily as you do your home store. It's also easy to coordinate between locations when you use a consistent system, and the diversity of the Clover ecosystem lets you set each location up with the right tools for its specific customer base.

4. Make Cash Discount Processing Easy To Implement

One of the most common cost-saving measures for retail businesses today is the use of cash discount programs to avert credit card processing costs. Federal law allows you to offer discounts to customers paying in cash to incentivize its use provided you meet the program's requirements. Calculating accurate discounts and applying them without slowing down your sales process is the key to keeping customers happy with the new program and the savings they can realize from using cash when they shop with you. When you use a POS system that's designed to make implementing cash discounts easy, that's what you get, and every Clover model has options to configure just such a program, including the Mini. 

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