[Review] Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Camera with Real-Time Recording

According to the Department of Transportation, more than 38,000 car crashes occur each year due to poor driving visibility. Cars have the potential to be made far safer with the careful application of real-time video cameras. The Lanmodo Vast Pro goes beyond just recording and instead becomes an extra safety feature while driving. I had the pleasure of testing out this night vision dash camera myself to see just how well it stacks up with others I’ve used along with testing the innovative night vision feature.

The Package and Content of Lanmodo Vast Pro

When I first received the package from Lanmodo, I was impressed by its package. It is well packaged with a white box that has a product image at the front right beneath the company name and above the main product features. Inside the box we can see that the main unit is wrapped inside a plastic bag. The bundle is very rich and contains the main unit with its Nano glue base, power cable, cigarette lighter power and OBD power adapters, suction cup mount, compact screwdriver and the instruction manual.

What are the Advantages of Lanmodo Vast Pro?

Dual 1080P images both on front camera and rear view camera. It uses Sony CMOS sensor specialized algorithms, so it is able to amplify the light signal, allowing you to clearly see the road and the dangers ahead, the vision distance is up to about 300 meters. And features a 45-degree broad view which eventually enables the driver to take all the necessary precautions and minimise the chances of possible car collisions.

As soon as you begin your driving, the camera will start recording the footage automatically. The system has the capacity of 128G so in case of full storage the newest recordings will overwrite the oldest ones automatically. However, if the G-sensor detects any collision then it will locked the collision footage and keep it save from being overwritten.

The great part about Lanmodo Vast Pro is its ability to record even in the parking mode. Having a video proof is crucial in an event of an accident, hence if the sensor detects collision in the parking mode, both the cameras will automatically turn on and start recording the footage. Moreover, the monitoring is performed using OBD power which protects the battery from draining out rapidly.

The Impressive Testing Experience

The installation is very simple, you can install it on dashboard or windshield, then connect the night vision camera to cigaratte lighter or OBD adapter with its cable. I tested Lanmodo Vast Pro during the day and night. The images during the day are very good, what impressed me most are the high-quality night vision images. Not only could I see exactly what my headlights were illuminating, but I could see much further ahead and to the sides. The camera’s night vision system extends your view up to 300 meters or 984 feet. As a comparison, the following image is what my headlights were showing.

What’s the Best Part of All?

The Lanmodo Vast Pro with the function of recording will solve the problem that many dash cameras have --- Blurred sight at night. Lanmodo Vast Pro is a great breakthrough in driving safety, it integrated dash camera with night vision. I think it will replace most of the dash cameras in the market. For such innovative gadgets like this are usually at price, but the best part of all is that they are doing Golden Member promotions on their official website. If you spend $10 to become their Golden Member now, you’ll have a previlege to buy Lanmodo Vast Pro with a 128G TF Card for only $199 which is worth $619. The promotion will not last too long, it will be ended in Mid-October. Don’t hesitate to be their Golden Member now

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