7 Mobile Apps to Design Your Home

How can mobile phone apps help us design and revamp our homes? The future holds a strong prospect for mobile apps. When everything is turning smart, mobile apps have a substantial contribution to this smart progress. Whether it be AI, Smart Homes, or IoT, mobile apps are an integral part of the process. Similarly, mobile apps are being used in interior design and renovation of homes.

Pinterest and Instagram are popular mobile apps where users can take inspiration for designing and decorating their homes. However, there are some apps developed specifically to help improve the design and renovation process of your house. These mobile apps can be very useful for your design project and give your project a fresher look with a touch of creativity and professionalism at the same time. The following are some of the most useful apps that you should learn about if you are going to revamp your house. Must try these apps if you are going to work on a revamp or redesigning your room, kitchen, bathroom, or simply the entire home. 


Homify is a free home design app. This app offers a variety of ideas for home improvement projects. There is a library of over 1.5 million photos of different interior and architectural designs. You can get so many inspirations from this app that help you design your home. You can save posts as a reference for a future project. The app is available for free without in-app purchase features. 


Houzz is a popular app for helping users to plan and prepare for their home design and renovation. It also offers users with a network of professionals for home décor products and accessories. Users can use both their website and mobile app to benefit from Houzz. With this app, people can use saved idea books and 3D virtual room staging. Forum discussion feature is also available for Houzz app users where they can share advice and personal home design experience. Houzz is a great way to get access to professionals and learn about reviews, project budget, and contact information.

Design Home

At times you think you should redesign your room or renovate everything. In short, you have to act as an interior designer to do what you really want. Users can make the most of their creativity and design skills when they use the Design Home mobile app. 

Project Color

This is an amazing app developed to help users choose the best color for the walls of their homes, offices, and other painting projects. The app helps users to make better decisions for painting walls. You can explore different color swatches and preview different color combinations and paint look. If you like a color, you can save the picture and buy the closest match available at the Home Depot store. The app also allows users to order paint samples or buy paint from stores through the app and pick up from the shop. 


Wayfair is a large marketplace for buying home products. It claims that there are about 14 million products available on Wayfair. The Wayfair app can help you plan best-suited furniture and other products for your place. The app user can take a photo of their room and then place different furniture and decoration pieces and select the one that suits them best in their house. It is a handy and up-to-date mobile app for the furniture marketplace. 


Pinterest is full of ideas and inspirations. It is, however, a social app that is not specific for home projects, but it is a hub of ideas for many different home project ideas. You can explore a variety of ideas on interior design, décor, painting, planting, and whatnot. Anyone can use this app to collect ideas and inspiration for their upcoming and existing projects. 


This app can help you calculate the project cost. If you have planned to renovate your lounge, kitchen or bathroom, or even for small tasks like draining a clog in the kitchen sink, all you need is a HomeAdvisor app. This app offers users to calculate project costs on the mobile app. Users can also save plans and contractors' information for later use as well. 


Mobile apps make a great contribution to make our lives better. These apps are being used for almost everything these days. From clothing to eating, and gaming to finance, everything has accommodated in mobile apps. With the upsurge in the use of mobile apps, home décor and interior design remain no exclusion. There is a vast scope for mobile apps in the field of interior décor and design. 

A number of mobile app development companies have collaborated with interior designers and design experts to develop some useful mobile apps for home design ideas and interior design projects. It has enabled users to use technology and bring improvement in their home design projects. 

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