3 Easy Steps & The Innovation That Helps You Expand Your E-mail Sales & Marketing


Based on the forecasts of the Statista channel, which transfers 306.4 billion sent and received e-mails every day in 2020. 

According to data from OptinMonster, it is 40 times more effective as a selling tool than social networks.

At first glance, it is an excellent marketing tool. Although many believe that e-mail marketing is in decline. MailerLite reports (un)successful e-mail campaigning in 2019; the average open rate reached around 24% of customers and the click rate reached only 4%. Only a quarter of all advertising e-mailing content is opened and even less is read. Many of them end up in the spam folder. Besides all this, due to the overflow of daily information, our brains are trained to overlook the majority of advertising messages that we can expect based on experience. O'Donnell and Crammer (2015) discovered in a study that in this way, we overlook 93% of all advertising content. Based on this, companies lose 44% of their advertising investments. 

E-mail Marketing Reinvented

It is time to think about how to unobtrusively make use of what is now the most frequently used business communication channel – email. 

Imagine you are exchanging emails with your business partner, potential customer or co-worker. You know such senders at least a bit and you trust the content of their messages. You expect them or they are directed at you. 

How many of those e-mails will you open?

Would you delete any of them without consideration?

And what are the odds that you would not read the messages directed at you or at least skim them through them to the end?

Personal e-mails, whether private or business, are almost always opened and read to the end. There, we frequently look at the e-mail signature, especially if it contains a personal photo or if we need the contact information of the sender. Because e-mail communication is usually black and white, every graphical addition is welcome. And therefore we notice it. 

Advertising banners added to a professionally designed e-mail signature are therefore rarely overlooked. We can confidently say that they are seen as often as they are displayed. This means each time an e-mail is opened, whether it is received from the sender or forwarded. According to the AdSigner statistic, each month, around 4,100 advertising banners appear in individual e-mail signatures on average. This happens automatically, without the user having to worry or invest their time or effort. All that is necessary is a carefully planned advertising campaign and a tool that enables the use of e-mail signatures and advertising banners within those signatures by every employee. The online service that can do this truly effectively and quickly, even for companies with a very large number of employees, is AdSigner. 

1. Design a unified and professional e-mail signature for your company

AdSigner enables you to generate a professionally designed and unified e-mail signature for all employees based on a vast library of pre-designed templates. After you have selected a template that suits you based on its layout and data type, you can enter the information that will be shown in an individual’s signature in a few simple moves. Its compatibility with CSV files enables the quick import of data for a desired number of users. This function was recently joined by the full integration of AdSigner services with G-Suite and Azure Active Directory. This upgrade enables you to simply transfer data and pictures from existing Google and Microsoft user accounts into AdSigner. With it, you can therefore create new e-mail signatures, promptly update them and easily add individual users when there is an increase in personnel. 

2. Add a targeted, automatic advertising campaign 

The created e-mail signatures furthermore not only serve as a digital personal ID for each employee and of the company, but they are also the carries of automatic advertising campaigns. With AdSigner, it is possible to add advertising banners above or under the signature and those banners change automatically at a scheduled time. And because all the recipients are not interested in the same information at any given time, you can set a different campaign for each employee or department or you can have a unified campaign for the entire company. Each employee therefore sells, upsells and cross-sells with every e-mail sent, irrespective of their primary function in the company and without having to invest any effort or time and without needing any special knowledge. 

3. Turn all employees into salespersons overnight

The intuitive, user-friendly platform enables everybody to design signatures and advertising campaigns, even those who have no knowledge of programming languages and are not versed in graphic design. The management of all signatures is possible on one computer. The implementation of signatures created with the help of AdSigner is possible in every major e-mail service, such as Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, AOL Mail, Salesforce and Roundcube. The simple instructions for use, short tips and video tutorials guide the user through every facet of the AdSigner service. Users also have constant access to our technical support and support from professional graphic designers when they are designing their adverting banners. 

Free trial and a bonus for that final touch

To convince yourself of the priceless value and indispensable advantage of AdSigner without risks, you can test it for free for 14 days. Afterwards, the monthly subscription allows the unlimited use of all AdSigner functions and, most importantly, an unlimited number of shown advertisements, which means a 72% saving in comparison to classic impression-based advertising.  

And because successful advertising requires the frequent changing of advertising banners, the AdSigner team occasionally offers all users a free individually designed advertising banner, which gives this offer the final touch and ensures a good user experience. 

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