RX-3 Lite Body Worn CCTV Camera Review

Face-to-face confrontations are, unfortunately, a common occurrence for security personnel, police officers and front-line workers. Having a hands-free video recording device attached to their uniform can act as a visual deterrent, and the footage of an event can be very helpful in determining the outcome of the incident. Because of these benefits and more, portable body-worn CCTV cameras that can be attached to a person’s uniform are quickly gaining popularity within the security industry and law enforcement agencies.

Rewire Security offers robust and high-quality BWCs (Body-worn cameras) for front-line workers, law enforcement officers, bodyguards and security guards in the UK. Here’s a review covering one of their best-selling body-cams; the RX-3 Lite v2 Body Worn Camera, and why you should consider buying it.

Price - £179.99

RX-3 Lite v2 Body Worn CCTV Camera comes with a modest price tag for a premium device with features that can compete with even the most advanced body-worn cameras on the market. If you compare the RX3-Lite v2 with its competitors, there is no shortage of quality in recording capabilities, mounting options or battery life.

There are several accessories you can buy for RX3-Lite v2 to adjust its position and improve the recording quality of the camera.

Anti-Tilt Spring Clamp secures the RX3-Lite v2 with its special anti-tilt design and prevents the device from facing down while recording. It can be attached to any garment via KlickFast Dock and costs only £20.

KlickFast Belt Clip Dock offers an alternative mounting option for your needs as it lets you retro-fit the RX3-Lite v2 to any belt, strap or pocket with a price tag of £20.

You can see the full list of accessories here that can be used to customise the Point of View of your RX3-Lite v2 and increase its effectiveness.

“With features such as automatic infra-red night vision and up to 11 hours of battery life, RX-3 Lite v2 is an excellent tool for long overnight shifts.”

Features and Design

RX3-Lite v2 is a compact device that weighs only 148g. Despite its small size, the video camera can record up to 11 hours of footage depending on the preferred recording quality. The battery life is more than enough to cover a regular work shift (8-10 hours) on a single charge.

One of the main advantages of a body-cam is its HD video recording capability with the push of a single button. RX-3 Lite v2 can be activated and start recording by pressing the large button on top of it. You can choose one of the 5 available resolutions for your videos; 1440p, 1296p, 1080p, 720p and 480p before you start recording.

Note: Only the authorised people can change the settings of RX3-Lite v2.  

The ultra-wide 140° angle lens of RX3-Lite v2 captures everything in front of the camera, so it is hard to miss any of the action.

The video camera is equipped with a rechargeable built-in 2800 mAh battery that takes 4-5 hours to recharge. RX3-Lite v2 has 32 GB internal memory, and it uses the latest H.265 compression technology that reduces the size of recorded files while it uses less power to capture footage.

The body-cam itself is password protected to prevent tampering with the recorded footage. Only the personnel with proper access codes can view the videos on the camera or modify its settings so that no outside element can tamper with the body-cam footage.

As expected from a device that will be used in the line of duty, RX3-Lite v2 is extremely durable. The device is protected by an IP65 water and dirt resistant casing which makes it ideal for use even in harsh weather conditions and physical conflicts.

Digital Video Evidence Management System or -DEMS- is required to edit and manage the videos on your RX-3 Lite v2. The editing software is free of charge for anyone who purchases the RX3-Lite v2, and it can be downloaded from here. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, all you have to do is plug in your video camera and enter your credentials to gain access to the recorded footage.

The software automatically backs up and delete the video files from the camera if the options are enabled. You can turn off these options and download the files manually to your computer if you want to.

You can filter your videos by date or search for a specific video within the archived footage by using DEMS. The software makes it easy to manage user accounts, restrict their privileges and allow authorised personnel to access the archived videos. It is also an excellent tool to edit and export the footage quickly.

KlickFast Compatible

Wearability and visibility is a major part of body-worn camera systems. RX3-Lite v2 is compatible with the industry-standard locking system KlickFast and comes with multiple mounting options. The device can be attached to the uniform with the clips, studs and screws that are supplied with the device and can be further customised with additional accessories. You will receive a Klickfast Mounting Stud Clip, KlickFast Garment Dock and a rotating spring-loaded pocket clip along with the RX3-Lite v2 Body Worn CCTV Camera.

Device Specifications

Recording Quality: 1440P, 1080P, 720P, 480P (H.265 & H.264 MPEG4)

Still Image Capture: Yes

Audio Recording: Yes (Audio with video and Audio Only)

Lens: Wide Angle 140 degrees

Casing: Toughened ABS Plastic, Weatherproof IP65 Rated Casing

Memory: 32GB Built-in memory (Anti Tamper)

Recording Time: 480P 13-14 hrs, 720P 8-9 hrs, 1080P 5-6 hrs

Battery & Stand By Time: 3.7v 2800mAh Li-ion, 480P 9-11 hrs, 720P 8-9 hrs, 1080P 5-6 hrs

Dimensions: 75mm x 55mm x 22mm

Weight: 148g

Other Features: Vibration Feedback, Audio Feedback, Record Indicator, One Touch Record From Off, Custom Camera ID, User ID, GPS logging.

Contents of the Box

          Rx3-Lite v2 Camera

          Charging Dock

          USB Cable (2.0)

          Mains Charging Plug (UK 3 Pin)

          Klickfast Garment Dock (Dock08)

          Klickfast Mounting Stud Clip

          Rotating Spring-Loaded Pocket Clip

Should I buy RX-3 Lite Body Worn CCTV Camera?

RX3-Lite v2 is equipped with a high-quality camera that allows you to record up to 11 hours of footage on a single charge. With its small size and tools like GPS logging and Digital Evidence Management System, it is the perfect solution for individual users, security personnel and other front-line professions where portable video and audio recording is essential.

RX3-Lite v2 is small enough to fit inside your palm but it is pack full of features that can be useful for people who are verbally or physically assaulted every day for no other reason than their line of work. If a situation escalates and the user is involved in a physical conflict, having RX3-Lite v2 attached to your garment can help diffusing the situation or provide video evidence to make sure the use of force is justified.

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