The Place of Programmers in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)

Nowadays, technology, computers and the Internet occupy a fundamental place in the lives of many people, institutions and companies; This implies that people with knowledge in these areas are in great demand.

One of the most exciting aspects of programming is that it is a skill applied to almost any area of ​​knowledge and work and that it can potentially be combined with others to generate new solutions or ideas. When you think about cryptocurrencies and the technology that makes them possible; the blockchain technology, you can think of various areas, but investments, economics and computing will be the predominant ones.

In the case of computing and crypto-economics, it is necessary to consider that cryptocurrencies are a possible phenomenon thanks to the rise of the Internet and the evolution of technology and computing. But the Internet has also influenced the emergence of new methods that are not necessarily related to computing but in areas such as finance.

This is the case of the ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), which are a form of collective financing, but which has been developed thanks to computing and the Internet, and therefore, thanks to the programming.

Programming in an ICO Campaign

An ICO campaign alone is focused on raising the money needed to start the development of a project, which will generally be related or will depend directly on Blockchain technology.

But for an ICO to be carried out, and even for it to make sense to resort to one, an interdisciplinary team is generally necessary, covering aspects as varied as marketing or design.

In addition to this, the foundation of an initial coin offer is the existence of a project that you want to finance, and usually, this project will involve the creation of a desktop application or website.

Another of the highlights of an ICO that requires one way or another knowledge in the area of ​​programming is the creation of the tokens that will be distributed, and that will allow an ICO to be recognized as such.

Roles and Knowledge of a Programmer in an ICO

  • Blockchain Knowledge

To start an ICO, the first thing you should have is a project that you want to finance, and this, although it can have a wide range of issues or solve various problems, it will usually be based on Blockchain. Therefore, ICOs will probably need one or more people who have knowledge in Blockchain and can implement new technologies based on the Blockchain.

Blockchain is a relatively young technology, which has begun to be mostly recognized thanks to the value of cryptocurrencies and more accessible thanks to the Ethereum platform.

Therefore, people who know how to take advantage of Blockchain and integrate it into projects, as well as with knowledge about the implementation of tokens, will be very valuable for projects financed by an ICO campaign.

  • Web Development (front-end and back-end)

One of the implicit requirements required for an ICO to increase its reliability is that it has its own website in which interested persons can obtain all the information they need.

Web development has become one of the most demanded professions, and also a very well paid because almost anyone who wants to get a service to more people will need a web page.

In addition, within this same field, there are different types of developers: Front-end and back-end. The former will be responsible for implementing the visual part of the page (client-side), and the latter will work with the server and databases (server-side).

Both are very important, and are not the exception for ICOs, because it is not only about creating web pages but about implementing web applications, which are sometimes very complex.

  • General Purpose Programming

Programming is so wide, and a person has so many options in which specializing or developing in an aspect can sometimes be complicated, but the important thing is to have the knowledge about programming.

In this sense, some ICO projects may require many general-purpose programmers, to divide and solve the tasks necessary to continue the development.

Thus, depending on the project that a developer wishes to obtain income, a programmer specializing in any area - or in several areas - could be valuable and necessary. 

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