How to Make a Successful YouTube Intro Video?

Are you new to YouTube and wondering how to make your intro video? Well, if you don't know, YouTube introductions can make or break a channel. You're going to use the intro again and again, and it has to be creatively beautiful and very interactive. In this article, we clarify how to create openings that are high on the dedication and small on work.

What a Good Intro Video should Contain?

1.8 billion YouTube consumers are viewing 1 billion hours of content per day on the website. To make the video stick out in the audience, it needs to be immediately captivating, creative, and eye-catching. From the point of time the user clicks 'Play' on your YouTube video, your intro needs to tie them in, keep them listening, and let them want more. Think of fun graphics, catchy theme music, and on-brand marketing.

The thought of designing a successful intro can sound overwhelming with too much pressure, but with a skilled prototype, it's simple to build openings that you can use over and over with your business. Take a peek at free video makers for some ideas and try out our suggestions for a tip-top intro.

·         Keeping it Short is the Mantra

People are quickly confused, so we suggest keeping your intro less than 20 seconds apart. Videos up to two minutes in length will get the most commitment, giving you plenty of time to release a substantial introduction and follow up with the rest of your brand message.

·         Surprise and Delight

Your intro needs to be visually stimulating to catch the attention. It's best to use brief scenes, vibrant colors, and a zippy speed. Sound, music, and random sequence interrupt will all make your audiences settle down and pay attention to your film.

·         Explain to them What your Channel is All About

In your intro, make it clear what you're going to teach your viewers or how you're going to entertain them. In the first few seconds, you ought to gain a viewer's focus so that they have the most excellent chance of seeing the video until the end.

·         Brand Reflection

Keep colors and visual design inside the brand identity's current universe. Your identification as a brand is the heart and soul of your company. If anyone sees your intro, they will be able to tie it back to you automatically. If you create a lot of radically different introductions away from the company, confusion will annoy audiences and dilute the strength of your messages.

·         Use Intro Templates

There are many templates available in the market that are ready to serve you. Some are payable while some are free to make intros for video. You can take some ideas from the templates and can create your own by mixing two or more template ideas. Making intros by using complex video applications may be time-consuming and costly. But there is a better option.  Invideo has several templates that you can use to create your intro for YouTube in no time.

Easy Edit Tips for Better Results:

Now that you've scanned through all the intro design collection and noticed a couple that captured your attention, it's time to flex your editing skills. All of the templates are super easy to personalize, whether you just need to swap out some text or take it further by combining multiple scenes, sounds, and elements. Here are a few tips to get you going.

·         Keep your Copy Brief and Short

Your intro copy of the video will be smooth and snackable. Let it be obvious who you are and what your fans may hope to see on your platform. Giant walls of text are hard to decipher and rob the joy of your intro.

·         Use Colors that Match your Company

To make a successful YouTube intro, consider your brand's identity. Getting on-brand colors renders you easily identifiable to your viewers, even though your logo occurs later in the picture. Color continuity helps to build unity and order through your YouTube page. It also allows it easy for your fans to locate you as they want to find your videos in their search list.

·         Always Prefer Short

Think of your intro as an elevator pitch for your film. It would present the video material in about the same manner you should have delivered it if you were interacting in person. Don't let your intro become 'the man' at the group that bores everybody to tears with a lengthy, boring plot. Be funny, smart, and memorable—then let the rest of the video do the talking.

·         Remove Unnecessary Scenes

Templates make it very easy to customize the parts you like and to eliminate the scenes you don't need. Templates like Invideo has made it as painless and straightforward as possible to build smooth, skilled intros that you'll love.

·         Mix and Match the Latest Scenes you Want

Found a perfect template, but do you want to steal a few scenes from a different one? You're fortunate! Select the images, make them 'favorites,' and add them to your intro design straight from the template's list. Add a new scene to your intro timeline with a few clicks, and you will keep adding and removing the settings before your intro is complete.

·         Customize your Music

Dragging and dumping an MP3 that isn't yours to your YouTube intro is a swift road to bankruptcy. There's still someone monitoring, so it's better to play it safe and stop the copyright theft penalty. The Invideo Music Collection is safe to download. We've put together guidance to some of the stock music pages that will help you find the right royalty-free soundtrack for your YouTube intro.

·         Formatting

If you are using specific tools, we suggest that you use the 16:9 aspect ratio to render your intro. YouTube supports standard MP4 and MOV file formats, so if you choose to build a Titanic-sized file, you'll be glad to learn that your finished video will last up to 12 hours.

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