How the Tech Industry Surviving with the Coronavirus Pandemic?

This year 2020 has proved to be so tough for each and every one of us. Especially for the industries, it has become so difficult to cope up with the situation. The financial phases of almost all industries have shown drastic results. And also the slowdown is getting in hands the day by day. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation especially, the tech industries are getting affected to the extent that no one can expect what will happen next.

According to the statistics and the information available, top software exporters including Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, HCL Technology and others getting impacted by this reduced technology spending of users and companies especially in Europe and the USA. This lockdown across the globe, technology spending has reduced diversity.

Even, the HDFC securities have experienced the reduced revenue due to this slowdown in decision making. This virus is impacting everyone throughout the world.

But still, the technology and IT companies are dealing with this pandemic situation by developing different devices that can help the doctors and other people in this situation. Yes the devices like the tracing systems and applications are helping the companies somewhere in maintaining their revenue and growth as well. 

It will not be wrong to state that this rapid spread of COVID-19 has already forced the countries to use every trick that can help them in containing the disease. Especially, there are countries like South Korea, Singapore and others that have done a better job. Even, the Asian countries are using a wide range of technologies to fight against the pandemic situation.

With the help of some demanding technologies, it has become easier for the technology sector to fight against coronavirus.

Location Tracking

It is one of the most common technologies that has been used by governments of various nations. That technology helps in tracking the whereabouts of the people through the location informed. With the help of the mobile application, it becomes easier to detect that where the person has visited before he gets current and how many people he kept in close to. This technology helps in getting the data of the person for around the last 30 days.

CCTV Cameras

Countries are using CCTV technology to detect where are people roaming around in the city. In several places, the CCTV cameras have been installed. It is one of the most easy and common methods to track down people and their families. Not only on the roads but in the casinos also the CCTV cameras have been installed. There are several popular casinos around the world like the royal vegas casino that have taken this technology into consideration.

Robots and Drones

Technology has also been increased a lot in order to track the people who are roaming around in the city of the country. With the help of robots and drones, it becomes easier for the government to find the people down and getting the information about the places where they have actually visited.

Hence, all these methods are being used by the government and the authorities to help people in fighting against the coronavirus but still there is a great role of the IT sector and the technology sector in it. With the enhancement of the usage of such technologies, the companies are actually availing amazing profits.

In this pandemic situation, each and every industry is getting affected by diversity either it is that IT industry, technology industry or any other. It is important to control the situation so that the financial situation of the sectors can get enhanced. Moreover, the technology sector has been playing an important role in helping the government and health sectors to improve the condition, such as providing PPE kits, masks, etc. in this demanding situation.

Earlier, people were used to ordering only specific products with the help of e-commerce platforms but now the e-commerce platforms also providing the grocery stuff and other essential items. Let's hope the situation will get controlled soon and everything will be back to normal.

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