5 Ways in Which Technology Can Boost Your Hotel Business

Hotel technology has seen a tremendous amount of evolution in the past few years. Smart tools, AI-driven devices and software, mobile keys, automated check-ins and check-outs – the list is endless. With an increase in the expectations of guests, hotels around the globe are gradually adopting the latest technologies to offer enhanced customer experience and boost their business. 

Listed below are five ways in which you can use hotel technology to improve the overall guest experience as well as profitability. 

1. Improved Management 

AI-powered technology has revolutionized hotel management. From chatbots to revenue management software, the options are limitless. A chatbot can help you free up substantial manpower. They can be programmed to answer common questions about the hotel, signal hotel employees when the guests need their help, etc. 

Another example of promising AI-powered technology is an automated hotel revenue management software. This software helps dynamically set rates based on supply, demand, and competition. This enables hoteliers to set and maintain optimal room rates to make strategic pricing decisions and gain maximum profit. 

2. Energy Savings

The Internet of Things or IoT is rapidly revamping how hotels operate. Sensors and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity are incorporated into previously static devices to bring them online. This offers widespread connectivity to make devices more efficient, safer, and easier to operate. With this technology, hotels can make their appliances and systems energy efficient and save thousands of dollars every year. The bigger the property, the more are the savings. From climate control to switching off devices when not in use - there are a plethora of opportunities to explore. 

3. Smart Guest Experiences

Hotels need to put in more effort to enhance the guest experience they offer because of the increased expectations of today’s travelers. Thanks to the latest hotel technology, this can be easily achieved. Mobile as keys, automated check-in and check-out, smart reserved parking, etc. Hotels can completely elevate the guest experience before the guest even check-ins and up until the guest leaves. Guest data can be used to automate guest interactions to reduce labor costs and friction points. This data can also help hoteliers personalize guest services based on previous visits. 

4. Online Presence Management

Travellers today rely majorly on online hotel reviews and ratings. Hence, the online presence of a hotel plays a major role in bringing business. This has led hoteliers to invest heavily in platforms that help monitor and manage online reputation. The feedback provided by their guests can prove instrumental in helping the hotels improve their operational standards. 

5. Enhanced Predictive Maintenance  

Hotel technology has made it simple for hoteliers to optimize their maintenance operations for better results and increased cost-savings. Online maintenance platforms continually collect data related to HVAC runtimes and assign them efficiency ratings. These ratings indicate how quickly a room can be cooled or heated according to the guest’s requirement. The maintenance team can determine the need for maintenance of HVAC equipment with these ratings. 

Hoteliers can expect a lot more from hotel technology as several new advancements are being launched. It’s important to identify the needs and nature of your hotel to ensure that the right technologies are implemented for maximum profit.  

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