Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones - An Unbiased Review

The Sony WH-1000XM3 is the upgraded version of Sony WH-1000XM2, they have launched it after a lot of stellar improvement to fight the position of the winner. The few tweaks enhance its capability reasonably. Improved noise cancellation performance, better-calling quality, strong battery life, and higher than its predecessor.

It is the favorite one of a lot of people, its Active noise cancellation and sound qualities are unbeatable. But if we compare with Bose 700 its hard to win from the Bose, they can slightly improve the calling quality of it.

If we compare with sturdiness Bose 700 is always with Alexa voice assistant and more sturdier and comfier headphones than the Sony WH-1000WHXM3.

If we compare price-wise with Bose 700 Sony WH-1000 XM3 is the attractive piece because Bose is trading at $400, the $100 difference is major to enhance the sale and the quality features of both do not seem so differentiable.

Every year Sony launch their new headset with advance version to compete for the market with the new enhanced features and quality, in the meantime, you can enjoy the M3 model that is not a bad choice if you make a mood.

Build Quality & Comfort

The M3 model delivers to you extra comfort, soft padding on the ear cup and the more contour to your headband that makes you feel extra comfortable.

They tweak the headband shape the previous version was rounded while the current version has an oval shape the delivers extra comfort when you wear, it doesn’t feel awkward that enhance the usability time, means a long session doesn’t irritate you.

It looks slightly less premium they shifted it metal to plastic that is a little drawback because of the finishing effect than the XM2 model.

But some extra changes move the needle, slightly higher in weight and a thicker and soft cushion on the earcup makes it more comfortable to support long sessions and proved itself in that no doubt. And you feel no weight resting on your head this is the plus point of it.

Sound Quality & Features

It having touch control rather than a physical button and that is positive and super easy to control which saves you a lot of time. You will get a touch panel on the right earcup, double-tap the cup is for play/pause or answer to call swipe up to increase the volume, swipe down to decrease the volume, forward or back to change the track.

And holding hands over the cup will activate the quick attention mode that reduces your music to a whisper and lets in outside noise, especially when someone talking to you. It takes a few days to used to be, then very easy to control. Then the physical button.

In this model, sony increases the quantity of microphone so that you the person whoever you are talking with you can hear crystal clear voice. And the active noise cancellation mode peacefully makes your calling.

You can customize and control the option from the app available for Android and iOS. How much ANC and other things you want to use you can deploy within the app.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Canceling Features

The active noise cancellation does its job perfectly and claiming to best in industry,  the improvement shows here clearly, even in the market or crowded places you can feel the remarkable changes made by the company that they are claiming.

Many people have tested even in the plane and the background noise of the engine or the sound of the busy market place the M3 module powerfully diminishes. And make a room for you to listen clear, and deliver clearer voices when you talk over phone calls. 

It is hard to listen to the keyboard clattering or AC’s sound it blocks out all types of noises and creates privacy for you. If we compare with the Bose QC35 II its better than that.

But a suggestion for people who are commute market places or while crossing the road turn the NC off or at least reduce it so that you should aware of the activity of people and vehicles.

The QN1 processing chip blocks all the background ruckus and makes this headphone a qualitative one. And at the same preserve its audio quality.


No doubt you will get more comfort, the best noise-canceling headphones, and better audio quality you will get the mixture of all the ingredients in one piece, a dynamic sound quality. Long battery life that goes up to 30 hours. Who useless they need to charge once in a week.  it’s a perfect travel buddy or who commute Sony WH-1000XM3 is the best companion that supports you at everywhere. ANC is so powerful that works well in all type of situations.

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