Are Your Photos Gone after Updating your iOS? Find Out How to Get Them Back

Every time Apple releases an iOS upgrade, it creates a frenzy among iPhone users who are waiting to update their phones the first chance that they get. It is obviously exciting to check out all the new features that your iPhone has and to experience the new update as soon as you can. However, there are technical glitches with the new iOS 12 update that can be a little disappointing to experience. A common bug that many iPhone users are facing nowadays in the disappearance of photos from the iPhone once the update is launched.

Does this situation sound familiar to you? If yes, then read on to find out how you can sort out this issue.

Reason behind Missing Photos

With the new iOS 12 update, there are many new and attractive features which iPhone users are happy about. However, in some cases, there have been issues resulting in loss of photographs and empty galleries. While there may not be a specific reason to understand why this is happening, it definitely can be fixed.

Solutions to Get Your Photos Back

There are two ways you can choose to deal with lost photos after iOS 12 update. The first is to try to resolve it on your own and the second is to download the stellar data recovery for iPhone software. 

Solutions to Try at Home

There are four solutions that you can try by yourself so that you can restore the lost photographs. They are: 
  • Restart your iPhone:
    • The first step to checking for the recovery of your lost photographs is to restart your phone. This is because, for any minor issues, a restart may be able to solve the existing problem.
    • To restart your iPhone, simply press the power button on your phone and drag the 'power off slider' to confirm.
    • After a few seconds of the device turning off, you can turn it back on by pressing and holding the top button till the Apple logo appears.
  • Check Your iTunes Backup:
    • Start by plugging your iPhone into your PC/computer using a USB cable.
    • Launch iTunes and log in to your account.
    • Click on the 'iPhone' icon on the top of the screen.
    • Near the bottom, you will see an option to 'Restore Backup'. Click on this option.
    • The recovery process will begin and any deleted photos will appear after the scan.
  • Check Your Deleted Folder:
    • In the case where you accidentally deleted your photographs after the update, you can look into your iOS 12 recently deleted photos folder and try to recover them.
    • To do this, first go to your iPhone album where you will find a folder titled 'Recently Deleted'.
    • This folder will have all the deleted photographs from up to 30 days ago.
    • Select the photos you want to restore and then tap on the 'recover' option.
  • Reset Your Apple ID:
    • If the above steps don't work for you, one last process that you can try is to reset your Apple ID.
    • To do this, select the settings option in your iPhone
    • Click on your Apple account and then opt to sign out.
    • Once you are signed out, wait a few seconds and sign in again.
    • Now, try checking your gallery to see if you are able to view your lost photos.

Using Professional Data Recovery Software

If all your attempts at trying to resolve the iPhone photo album disappearance issue fail, then your best shot is to download Stellar's iPhone data recovery software. This will help you recover your photographs regardless of how you lost them. 

Stellar guarantees 100% security and confidentiality in the recovery of your photographs from your iPhone. All you need to do is download the trial version of the stellar iPhone Data Recover Software for free. Once the initial scan is done and you have previewed your lost photographs, you can proceed with purchasing the premium version of this software to complete the recovery process.

Parting Advice

One of the best ways to prevent your photographs from getting lost is to take a backup before updating your phone. This way, even if there is a technical glitch, you will be able to retain your images. As this is a common experience that a lot of iPhone users face, it isn't something you need to worry about even if you don't have a backup. Just follow the steps above, and even if that doesn't do the trick, then you have Stellar to help you recover your photos. 

So, the next time you find that after updating to iOS 12, photo albums are missing, then you know whom to call.

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