Incredible Videos Made Easy With FlexClip Free Video Maker

Recently, I just came across an easy to use video maker. Now I can't wait any longer to introduce you to this free but very powerful tool. It’s FlexClip.

Generally, FlexClip is a very simple, powerful and intuitive video creation tool that helps you create marketing videos and family stories in minutes. People even those without any specific design skills can create beautiful videos and use them for marketing, promotion or simple sideshows.

Why I recommend FlexClip video maker?

A Handy Video Editor

FlexClip has an easy-to-understand interface, allowing everyone to create videos in minutes.  With the straightforward interface, everybody knows what should be done next. It really helps people create videos in minutes. The video design experience certainly does not a must.

Rich Resources

FlexClip offers a large number of resources like videos, music, photos, and dynamic text animations. By selecting from a collection of selected text animations, you can add information and new designs to your videos. In this way, the videos will be much more remarkable. You are free to use the preset videos, music and photos if you like.

The Real-Time Preview

This feature allows you to view your videos in real-time. You will receive it as what you see is what you get.

HD Quality Export

You can download the video you prepared for 1080p HD quality without any quality loss. Then you can download and share it anywhere.

Free of Charge

What’s the best is all of the resources and features are free of charge. Why not have a try?

Cloud Save

FlexClip allows you to save your video project to cloud under your account so that you can continue editing it anywhere you like. Since then, you will never worry a sudden power cut off. It will save your vide project online automatically.    

Flexible Editing Features

Trim video. With FlexClip, you can easily cut a video to the desired length to meet your needs, keeping the same quality.

Add music. You can add your own music or just use one from the preset resources to your video. It’s free to cut it to fit perfectly. And you can also adjust its volume and loops if you like.

Voiceover. You can record an audio track live from your microphone. This useful function would be great for tutorials or to explainer videos.

Text animations. Once you add text animations to your video, you can control the final appearance of the text by adjusting its color, style, font, alignment, size, etc. Just let your creativity go wild.

Video merger. FlexClip allows you to combine multiple photos and video clips into one single video story without any mess.

Add watermark. FlexClip makes it possible for everyone to add a text watermark, add your logo, image or other icons to set as a watermark. And you can customize its size position to your liking. Your work will thus always be defended.

Aspect ratio. FlexClip offers three commonly used ratios such as 16:9, 1:1 and 9:16. With these options, you can make your videos suitable for different devices and different social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Split videos. FlexClip enables you to split a large video file into several segments easily and fast so that you can just use the perfect clip you want in your video.  

Zoom in / out. You can zoom in / out the video to make it compatible with different platforms or devices.

Rotate video. You can rotate the videos you use without any difficulty.

How does FlexClip work?

The app can be registered for free. You just have to register for it to prepare your promotional videos and ads.

Upload media to start

After registering an account and login, the main dashboard will appear with a “Create New” tab. Click it to upload your videos or photos to start your video making. As I talked before, you can use the preset videos or images as well. Look at the interactive image to get an overview of the features. Then you will be lead to the editing page.

Personalize your video

You are free to add text admonitions, music, watermarks, etc. to make your video customized. It’s very easy. Just try to click each option to see the result and decide to use it or not. 

Preview and export video

Once you finish your creation job, you can preview it by clicking Preview button. If something needs to change, go back and adjust it. If everything looks great, you can finally download the video in three different resolutions:480p, 720p, 1080p. Just export the video with the resolution you want. That's all…

Sounds great? It’s free. Why not have a try? If you want to prepare a promotional video or a sideshow in minutes, you can just go ahead to its website: and have a look.

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