How to Stay Consistent and Productive as a Blogger?

Blogging is one of the easiest tasks everyone can perform however not everyone can do it properly and keep it maintained. While doing blogging there are so many hurdles a blogger have to face and there is a need to overcome those in order to get success and become a productive blogger.

As consistency is the key to become a pro blogger but at the same time for some people, it is hard to be on track. Several ways affect a blogger’s productivity and cease growth. It is hard at that time to keep everything on track and maintain productivity.

Therefore, following some key steps can help a blogger to stay consistent and become a productive blogger. Some of the steps are as follows:

-          Set Blogging Goals

This major step highly contributes to increasing productivity as a blogger and help a blogger to stay consistent. Setting goals are one thing that cannot be neglected. Setting goals in front and working on them accordingly will allow a blogger to achieve his objective as well as goals make vision clear and allow a blogger to work in a better way.

This is an important step, which allows staying consistent and helping in becoming a productive blogger.  Being a blogger must have the following goals:

  • -          Plan your day
  • -          Managing time
  • -          Make a writing schedule
  • -          Schedule your posts
  • -          Repeat and be Consistent

Working on these goals with great consistency will help you achieve great productivity and become a pro blogger in less time with less effort.

-          Avoid Distraction

While working online the major problem that a person faces is a distraction from fancy websites that easily trap the attention of a blogger. These distractions become the main hurdle in productivity and growth. For this purpose, one can block websites on mac and windows temporarily, which makes it easier for a blogger to work more productively without losing concentration.

Keeping all distractions away for a while will help a blogger to work more efficiently. Because if a blogger wants to increase the productivity of blogging there is a need to avoid everything else which is lacking concentration.

Moreover, keeping everything aside will also help a blogger to concentrate only on work else than any other thing. Which can increase productivity in less time with less effort? This is a great step ahead to make productivity better as a blogger.

-          Use Social Media Platforms

Another factor, which contributes to increased productivity and allows a blogger to stay consistent towards his objective, is using social media platforms. Social media marketing is one of the best marketing technique used to promote and grow any sort of online stuff, whether it is blogging or online business.

Social media not only allows you to increase productivity but also make you more consistent as it is the easiest way of sharing content. A blogger can share any type of content using several social media platforms.

Some social media platforms that can actually help a blogger to share content with consistency and increase productivity are:

  • -          Twitter
  • -          Facebook
  • -          LinkedIn
  • -          Instagram
  • -          Pinterest

By using, any one of these will help you share any type of content easily and effortlessly. If a blogger is creating content in the form of pictures then Instagram is the best platform, other than that LinkedIn and Twitter both are the most authentic platforms to share the content.

In short, social media marketing through these amazing platforms is such a great help for bloggers to increase productivity more effectively and effortlessly.

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-          Make it a Habit

Another step that highly contributes to increasing productivity is making writing a habit; try to be consistent while writing. Doing this will not only help you increase your productivity as well as enhance writing skills and make your writing ability more powerful.

At the initial state, it is necessary to make it a strong habit to create and share content every day then gradually you can reduce it to thrice a week or twice a week doing this will help you grow your productivity and gain more audience within less time and less effort.

-          Be Consistent

This is the key step to get success and take your blogging to the next level. Great consistency and strong determination are the two key actors that play an important role in establishing and growing a business or a blogging site. Therefore, the experts in this field highly recommend staying consistent while performing this task.

As blogging is one of the easiest tasks but hard to maintain, at the same time with great consistency you can achieve great success and maintain it effortlessly. Be consistent while creating and sharing content will make you easily go through any hurdle without any difficulty.

Following these steps will make a blogger achieve great success and make him focused on his goals and objective. Moreover, allow him to achieve the aim of getting a great number of the audience being a blogger. These few simple steps highly contribute to increasing productivity of a blogging site.


While doing blogging one thing that comes in every blogger’s mind is to get more audience, which will increase productivity as well as provide a better outcome. For this purpose, there is a need for every blogger to set goals in front of him and stay determined to achieve them, do proper planning on how to work better on them for more improvement. This will help a blogger to stay consistent and increase productivity being a blogger.

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