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Business Growth Hacks - Utilizing the Power of Surveys

Everyone wants to grow his business and so does you (Obviously, That's the only possible reason you are reading this post).

In this article, we will be sharing practical & useful business hacks for utilizing surveys which you can use to grow your online business. Every businessman needs new digital marketing strategies, techniques and tricks to boost online business's revenue and to grow their customer base. And this is where the surveys can help them to achieve their goals.

Understanding and Utilizing the Power of Surveys

Every business has three types of customers:-

  1.  On Lookers
  2.  Potential customers
  3.  Existing  customers  
Those people who are thinking of buying that particular product or service you selling fall in the category of On-Lookers.

Potential customers are basically those customers for which there is a high probability that they will buy that particular product/service you selling and existing customers are those ones which have already bought that product/service from you.

Elaborating JotForm Cards - A New, Friendly Way to Ask

The famous online form builder JotForm recently launched its new platform to ask questions from customers, employees etc. called JotForm Cards. For those who aren't familiar, JotForm was Founded in 2006 by Aytekin Tank as the first drag-and-drop online form builder, today they have 3.3 million registered users worldwide. The aim behind introducing the JotForm Cards is to create some motivational, friendly & easy to use forms that incredibly improves the response rates.

Unlike traditional forms, JotForm Cards interact with respondents like a real person would. JotForm Cards are motivational, friendly, and incredibly easy compared to other types of forms. The end result is greatly improved response rates.