Kid-Friendly Projects To Do With a 3D Printer

Kids today seem to have an innate ability to navigate technology, and 3D printing is no exception. With more schools integrating 3D printing into the classroom, the technology is becoming more accessible and familiar to children than ever before. 

But 3D printing doesn’t only have to be in educational settings since it’s also a great activity to do with your little ones at home. Let’s explore kid-friendly projects with a 3D printer to see which ones speak to you the most.

Toys and Action Figures

Kids love toys and action figures, and what better way to encourage imagination and creativity than by printing your own? Numerous 3D printable designs are available online, including popular characters from movies and TV shows and original designs. 

Kids can also design their toys and figures using 3D modeling software, which is an easy 3D printing project for beginners with creative streaks. Printing their creations will give them a sense of pride and ownership, so keep toy-making in mind when shopping for the best printer for your needs

Printed Jewelry

Diamonds are equally as expensive as they are long-lasting, causing many parents to keep their jewelry away for safekeeping. However, children love making and wearing jewelry too. 3D printing might be a good alternative that allows your kids to feel fancy without compromising your valuable collection. 

With the help of a 3D printer, kids can create unique jewelry designs or print pre-made designs that reflect their personalities. Think bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even rings. With the right filament, the finished product can be glossy, matte, colorful, or translucent, and their creations can even feature glitter or other decorative elements.

Puzzles and Games

3D printing can take traditional puzzles and games to the next level. Create intricate, customizable pieces that give your kids a sense of ownership over the games. For example, you can print a chess set with unique pieces rather than the standard ones or create a more complex and challenging puzzle in their favorite colors. Designing and printing a puzzle or game can also be a fun and educational activity. 

Musical Instruments

What better way to introduce kids to music than by encouraging them to create plastic instruments with a 3D printer? Following this route allows your kids to explore the world of music without the need for an intimidating and expensive mixed-material instrument.

The options are endless, from simple drums and whistles to more complex instruments such as guitars or violins. While the sound quality may not be professional grade, designing and printing a musical instrument is a fun and rewarding activity that can teach kids about acoustics and sound waves.

Home Décor and Accessories

Many of the mass-produced things in our home have no flair or personality behind them. Fortunately, 3D printing can add a unique touch to everyday objects, from picture frames to phone cases. Encourage your kids to design and print their home décor and accessories, such as pencil holders or keychains.

3D printing is a fun and engaging technology that can provide countless hours of entertainment and education for kids. From creating toys and action figures to designing and printing jewelry, puzzles, and games, there are multiple kid-friendly projects with a 3D printer. And by offering these activities, we can encourage kids to engage with technology positively and creatively. So, break out your 3D printer and offer your kids a chance to flex their imaginations. 

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