Online Resources to Help Students Through Difficult STEM Degrees

While STEM subjects can be incredibly rewarding to pursue, the process of doing so is typically far from easy. This being the case, STEM students need to be aware of the useful resources they have available to them. 

Today, the internet has become a tool that’s ripe with amazing resources for all types of STEM subjects. Having an idea of some of the most effective STEM resources on the internet can help students thrive in their academic pursuits.

Here are online resources to help students through difficult STEM degrees. 

YouTube Videos

Though YouTube can sometimes offer students opportunities to distract themselves and put off studying, it can also be a beacon of educational support. This is especially true for STEM subjects, which often involve complicated ideas that are sometimes difficult to comprehend at first. 

Given the complexity of many STEM subjects, many YouTube creators and STEM aficionados have crafted libraries of tutorial and explanation videos. One YouTube channel that has been very active in creating academic content over the last decade is Khan Academy. 

By taking advantage of the many in-depth videos on a range of STEM-related topics, students have a chance to gain extra-academic support for virtually no cost. This being the case, exploring YouTube for STEM content is a key practice that all STEM students should utilize to bolster their comprehension and ace their classes. 


Whether one is an engineering freshman or a biology grad student, podcasts can be an excellent STEM resource. What makes podcasts so useful is their convenience and accessibility. In addition to mostly being free, students can listen to podcasts while on commutes, exercising, or doing chores. 

What’s amazing about podcasts is that they can take deep dives into specific subject matter and often highlight experts from various fields. For STEM students, this means having an opportunity to have difficult and complex concepts explained by highly trained professionals who are familiar with the subject matter. 

Given the broad nature of podcasts, STEM students from all fields will be able to find content that helps broaden their views and provide key insights. This being the case, all STEM students should utilize in-depth podcasts to get through those difficult STEM courses. 

Online Threads

For pretty much any topic or field that one can think of, there are threads out there that can be of assistance. In the STEM world, one of the most popular thread topics is software engineering. This is because it’s a constantly evolving field with a tremendous amount of nuance, making it valuable to have a space to ask other aficionados questions. 

STEM students who find themselves struggling with specific concepts or courses can explore threads to find more information and can even ask questions of their own. For those struggling with coding, Stack Overflow is a great resource that can provide ample support, guidance, and insights. 

One aspect of threads that distinctly differentiates them from other online resources, such as videos and podcasts, is the ability to ask questions. This discourse can be incredibly valuable for STEM students who have unique and specific questions that may not be easy for general resources to cover. Given the tremendous value of threads, STEM students can help make their academic pursuits easier by exploring threads and asking experts questions. 

Blogs and Articles

For students attempting to round out their understanding of their fields, being an avid reader of blogs and articles can be enormously helpful. In addition, consistently ingesting information from these resources can help STEM students develop an understanding of how their fields and industries are changing. Ultimately, this can help STEM students become more prepared to step into their professional careers. 

Much like some of the other online resources mentioned here, blogs and articles can be found on a vast array of topics. For STEM students, there are likely a variety of blog websites dedicated to their specific field. As such, this form of online resource is widely available to pretty much any STEM student who chooses to take advantage of it. 

In addition to being able to search out key topics, many blog websites offer newsletters that can give students updates on new articles. Being that it’s this easy and convenient to explore STEM-related articles and blogs, every STEM student should utilize these resources to excel in their academic pursuits. 

STEM Students Have Endless Resources to Help Them Thrive

Though STEM subjects can be taxing to study, they ultimately allow people to pursue professional careers that are important and fulfilling. Today, the internet has allowed STEM students to have access to a multitude of excellent resources that can help them get through difficult courses. 

From YouTube videos on engineering to insightful threads on software engineering, STEM students can bolster their chances of graduating with honors by taking advantage of the internet’s many resources. As time goes on, more effective STEM resources will likely enter the scene, further improving students’ access to amazing help. 

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