Unique Industries That Use Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses are common in highly industrial settings. This technology makes manufacturing processes easy. However, other mainstream businesses also use hydraulics for many interesting applications. 

You probably don’t notice how popular custom hydraulic hoses and other technology have become because they’re now vital for many everyday processes. From amusement parks to your favorite restaurant, businesses in these unique industries use hydraulic hoses on a daily basis. 

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has the flashiest use of hydraulic hoses, and this technology plays a huge role in productions of all sizes across all genres. From opening the roof of your favorite baseball stadium to raising and lowering stages during a music performance, hydraulic hoses bring the drama. 

Amusement parks also use hydraulics for entertainment purposes. Hoses and other pieces of equipment lower safety bars and engage roller coaster brakes. In these environments, hydraulic hoses work as effective safety devices.  

Food Service Industry

Did you know that your hometown breweries and restaurants likely use hydraulic hoses? They work with a modern version of a hydraulic press system. With a simple pull of a lever, your friendly neighborhood bartender can dispense bubbly beer right from the tap. 

Hydraulic technology also performs an important function in food processing and agriculture. Hoses and other components work together to operate tractors, tilling equipment, and harvesters. They also improve safety conditions for food manufacturing plants that produce delicious meals. 

Fitness Industry 

Have you ever wondered how your favorite exercise machine works on a fundamental level? Many gyms have hydraulic machines that use this unique technology to create resistance; you’ll usually find these in gyms that focus on circuit training. 

Hydraulic gym equipment has several benefits over stacked weights. They’re easy on your joints and muscles, so you don’t have to worry about injuries. And there isn’t a steep learning curve, so trainers feel confident allowing newcomers to use this equipment in individual workouts. Consider using hydraulic exercise machines alongside a few helpful self-care gadgets to transform your personal health. 

These aren’t the only unique industries that use hydraulic hoses. Landscaping, construction, automotive, and aerospace businesses utilize hydraulic hoses and associated accessories in regular operations all the time. It’s clear that this technology works behind the scenes to make processes easier for an array of industries. 

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