Harmful SEO Misconceptions You Should Know!

If you’re a marketer, you already know the importance of SEO. Sadly, some still believe SEO is outdated just because social media marketing has taken the first place for the best digital marketing practice. 

This is just one misconception regarding search engine optimization. 

There are many such myths, rooting either from outdated information of search engine algorithms, or from an SEO agency employing simplistic and mediocre approaches to SEO.

Whatever the case, this hampers the progress of many businesses looking to make progress. In many cases, such misconceptions might also negatively affect such organizations and ruin their rankings in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

It’s easy to fall prey to these fallacies surrounding SEO, therefore, it’s important to stick to genuine and trustworthy sources for information regarding the same. 

Below are some myths that we have busted around SEO: 

1. Myth: SEO Offers Quick Results

Fact: Just a simple manipulation of keywords and content will not automatically get you higher on google rankings. There are hundreds of factors which dictate where your webpage would be placed on Google search results. 

Google trends and algorithms change frequently, sometimes every other week. Keeping up with them and making necessary adjustments requires ample amount of time and effort. 

Creating genuine, non-paid backlinks is no easy task. It takes time to build reputation in your industry wherein bloggers and influencers recognize you and provide backlinks to your website on their own webpage, social media accounts, etc. 

A good SEO agency takes such factors into consideration while optimizing your webpage. 

2. Myth: Keywords are Enough for SEO

Fact: Employing keywords once became such a trend that people started using illegal means such as keyword stuffing, which ultimately ruined their webpage’s ranking. 

Keywords are, without a doubt, an important aspect of SEO. However, optimizing your webpage according to user’s intent and curiosity is also necessary. If a user is curious or skeptical about a certain topic related to your industry, and you happen to provide information regarding the same on your webpage, there is a high chance your website would come out on top. 

Another important yet overlooked factor is the bounce rate of your website. Google considers the time a person spends on your webpage. An experienced SEO agency is aware of this. If your website is not user-friendly (not well organized, difficult to use and navigate through, etc.), it would not be recognized by google algorithms, and there is a high chance that your webpage would move down on SERPs.

3. Myth: You Should See Results Within 6-12 Months

Fact: This is a generalization set by SEO experts in the past to provide some legitimacy to SEO practices. In reality, no one can tell you when you will start seeing visible results after applying search engine optimization strategies. 

There are many factors which would determine success through SEO.

Competition involved- There are certain industries in which a few organizations have a monopoly over other brands and many industries which aren’t searched on search engines, such as the steel industry. Getting higher on google rankings in such a case would be a hefty task and might take more than a year to see any clear, conspicuous results. 

Poor investment in website building at an early stage would have major consequences. The use of proper keywords and blogs would all go in vain if people don’t get a kick out of it, which means that they don’t find it attractive enough. You might go months without considering this factor, only to realize it later when you would have wasted precious time which could have been utilized otherwise. 

These were a few myths among many that we have highlighted in this blog. It is always suggested that you employ the best SEO agency with an experience in digital marketing. 

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