Best Programming Languages Used In iOS App Development

A secure and reliable mobile app is indispensable for each business that has an online presence. When it comes to mobile app development, iOS has the most advanced operating system, which makes investing in iOS App development quite profitable. If you are confused about which language is best for your iOS development project, you are in the right place. 

According to Statista:

  • There are roughly 2.3 million iOS apps available on the app store.
  • Apple's App Store is the second largest app store after google's play store
  • Stats reports that 27% of online connections are made via iOS mobile devices

Opting for the correct programming language is crucial for your app because it will play a prominent role in expanding your business by adding features and introducing them to other devices. That's why it is essential to keep long-term plans and goals in mind while determining the programming language for your iOS app development.

1. Swift

Swift is the most popular programming language for crafting macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps. Writing Swift's code is interactive and fun; its syntax is concise yet expressive. Moreover, Swift comprises modern features which make it a developer's favorite. Swift code is secure by design and delivers software that runs lightning-fast.

Wondering why you should use Swift Programming language?

The answer is, when you are looking to build an app swiftly and that you can easily expand in the future according to your requirements, Swift is your best bet as this language is easy to learn and deploy. 

2. Objective - C

Objective-C is a programming language developed as an extension of the C programming language to support object-oriented programming. It is a general-purpose programming language primarily used for programming Apple's operating systems, such as OS as well as their APIs, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch. It's an advanced language but a little outdated. As its popularity is dwindling, finding developers who can code in this language can also be a tough job.

When to use Objective-C for iOS app development?

Although Objective-C is a good choice for developers, it is quite outdated because its last version was released in 2016. So, when will Objective-C be a good option? Consider it only if you are looking to build an app that is available to everyone, including older versions of iOS that Swift does not support.

3. Flutter

Flutter is a comprehensive app SDK that includes ready-to-use widgets and tools. Google created it in 2015, and it was officially launched in 2017. This tool allows Flutter developers to create visually appealing and natively-compiled mobile, web, and desktop applications using only one codebase.

When should you use Flutter to develop a mobile app?

Flutter is worth considering, especially if you intend to create a desktop and web version in addition to an iOS and Android app. Furthermore, because this tool is built on the Dart programming language, it will be a good fit for your company if your team members are familiar with it.

4. React Native

React Native was launched by Facebook in 2015. It is a cross-platform framework. It is currently one of the prominent cross-platform tools. It uses JavaScript to craft native applications, allowing software developers to create mobile apps using website technology. It is used by brands such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, so you can be confident that this solution is trustworthy.

When should you use React Native for mobile app development?

React Native is an excellent choice if you need to create a mobile app for both iOS and Android, and your team includes JavaScript or React Native experts. This solution will help you save time and money, and given its popularity among the world's most popular mobile apps, it will also help you save money.

5. C#

C# is the most popular programming language and ranks seventh. C# is a high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that was developed as Microsoft's response to the Java programming language. The .NET platform, which is both a framework & runtime environment, is tightly integrated with C#. It is most widely used to create applications for Windows-based computers. 

Why you should use C# to create an iOS app?

Creating the Xamarin platform for building Android and iOS apps are critical to mobile C# development. This programming language is an excellent choice if your team incorporates experienced C# developers and you intend to create mobile applications for Android users.

In a Nutshell

Picking the best programming language for iOS app development is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of your app idea. Although we have provided you with the best languages that are used for iOS application development, it is still advisable to have a clear goal and future expectancy in mind while opting for a programing language! Hence, it is significant that you define your needs and expectations before deciding on the best solution for you. 

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