The Five Best Water Bottle Styles For Your Next Promotion

Are you looking for your next awesome promotion? Do you need some items that amaze your customers while also providing a bit of advertising even when they're not actively marketing something? You need to step into the world of custom promotional items. By customizing your promotional items to contain your logo and its associated brand identity, you can help drive more business and interest toward your organization. It can help increase brand recognition and benefit your organization in the long term. Promotional items like pens, water bottles, and coffee mugs are all great to use for your marketing concerns. Water bottles, especially, offer an exceptional value and return on investment. Whether you're just getting into marketing with water bottles or have been around for a while, here are five types of water bottles to use for your promotions.

Flip Top Water Bottles

Flip top water bottles are cool because they have a flip-top spout at the top. Their wider sizes make them ideal for larger drinks, and they fit in most cup holders. Better yet, these water bottles are BPA free, environmentally friendly, and they're extremely trendy. When You're looking to stay ahead of current trends and want to make an impact with something that everyone can enjoy, selling or promoting with a flip-top water bottle can help. Just be sure that it has your brand information, contact info, and a logo or image representative of your brand if you want to use it to build up your brand recognition.

Stainless Steel Bottles

Metal water bottles are a popular choice for marketing campaigns because they look good and they're durable. They work great for holding a large volume of liquid, can stand up to some punishment, and look sleek in a general sort of way. Offering metal water bottles as part of your promotional strategy can work out to your advantage. People like something that's high quality, making metal water bottles one of the best ones to offer. Stainless steel, in particular, is a popular choice. Some of the most popular water bottle brands offer stainless steel as part of their design. Stainless steel water bottles can also accommodate various types of lids and accessories. With a wide range of sizes, colors, lids, and designs available, there's no reason not to offer stainless steel custom water bottles at your business today.

Sports Bottles

People love sports bottles because they are perfect for someone on the go. And since everyone should be drinking water every 15 minutes or so during activity, they can come in real handy. They come in different sizes and colors, and they are pretty durable to boot. For the athletic-minded individual, a sports bottle can be a fantastic accessory during any activity. Most sports bottles are made of durable plastic and feature a pop top lid. That makes it easy to drink from them in between rounds or while running / jogging. The sports bottle is a great accessory for anyone on the go or someone looking to stay hydrated while they exercise. If you decide to offer them as a promotional item, don't forget to imprint your logo front and center so it can be readily seen by anyone who might be around at the time.


Tumblers can hold quite a bit more than standard water bottles and they keep drinks cold for longer. If they have double wall insulation, even better (especially if you like to keep your ice water nice and cold during the summertime). Tumblers offer a Best of both worlds approach when it comes to water bottles. They're not quite a water bottle, but they're not quite a coffee cup. There's something wonderful in between and acts as a juxtaposition of the two ideas. Some tumblers come with their own lid and strong as well. That makes them an invaluable drinking vessel for anytime, anywhere, for any reason at all.

With Built-in Speaker

Technology is an amazing thing. It can keep everyone interconnected through the use of smartphones, make transportation easier than ever, and allow us to work from home. But tech can also help customers who are on the go, like to listen to music, and want to stay hydrated at the same time. Offering a promotional water bottle that contains a built-in speaker can offer some great tunes to accompany someone while they're walking, working out, or just want to take a sip of their favorite beverage. These types of water bottles are surprisingly inexpensive given the built-in tech and can be quite resilient. Slap your logo and company information on the bottle, then give it away, use it as a social media contest prize, or sell it at your business to give something unique back to your valuable customers.


Another good way to build rapport and encourage camaraderie among your customers is to offer eco-friendly water bottles. Some water bottles, especially the plastic variety, aren't necessarily good for the environment. Plastic takes up a lot of space in our landfills and is not eco-friendly at all. That's a big problem when it comes to renewing resources and taking care of the only environment we have. That's why encouraging customers to use reusable water bottles is a great bet. It's even better when those bottles are made from environmentally friendly materials. Eco-friendly water bottles are a magnificent promo item and show your company cares about more than just its bottom line—and that's the type of advertising you just can't buy. 

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