How To Get Linux Hosting With Cpanel?

What keeps every great website running smoothly and efficiently? Certainly, the answer is a server that provides the resources, bandwidth, and space. Web hosting completely brought a change in the way websites work. This is, in particular, true when it comes to reseller hosting. It facilitates sharing of valuable space online among several websites. Reseller Web Hosting offers hosting services, including email hosting, website hosting, databases, etc., for your customer from server space and bandwidth you buy from a web hosting provider. In addition to this, reseller web hosting is totally brandable, and the user can provide all these services under his/her brand name. 

In other words, with reseller hosting, one can create sub-packages within the Disk Space and Bandwidth allotted with the main package. You can go to this link to look at the best reseller providers and how many resources they offer in their plans. Moreover, custom packages can also be created for clients further. Several best reseller hosting packages are available with 2 separate Control Panels - WHM and cPanel. With WHM, a user gets administrative control of the reseller hosting package, whereas cPanel lets customers manage their distinct Hosting packages. 

Many web hosting customers opt for cPanel for their web hosting needs, as it is reliable and user-friendly. Furthermore, it lets users give you the option to integrate 3rd party software such as WordPress and Joomla. 

What is Linux reseller hosting?

Linux is a popular and advanced technology, and Linux reseller hosting refers to getting a server space from a server that runs a Linux operating system. In such a hosting environment, a hosting provider provides hosting services to the users and offers to rent their server space to 3rd parties. Linux is a popular OS for web hosting owing to its more reliable, secure, and flexible nature as compared to other OS. Linux hosting supports cPanel web hosting. 

Now, let’s understand what cPanel Control Panel is. One of the most popular Linux-based control panels worldwide for web hosting is called cPanel. cPanel is a web-based application that allows a user to manage all aspects of their web hosting account easily. As it is easy to use, beginners can also use and manage their hosting accounts effectively. It lets all services be managed from one place. Several features make it the preferred choice of most web developers as the standard in the industry. Linux hosting with cPanel involves installation as it is basically Linux web hosting. cPanel facilitates easier management of a website and hosting due to its easy-to-use dashboard where a user can control hosting settings. With cPanel, a user can publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, set up email accounts, etc. 

Several hosting providers offer different web hosting cPanel reseller hosting packages. To get Linux hosting with cPanel, one needs to choose one reseller hosting package within budget. When a user purchases a hosting plan, a hosting service provider usually provides a user with a cPanel username and password. As it is very easy to use, several hosting providers offer hosting packages featuring cPanel as a core part. One of the biggest perks as a hosting reseller a user gets is the type of hosting support a user will get. 

Choosing a good cPanel reseller hosting with a good web hosting provider that really cares for customers will surely help build the brand faster. 

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