Time To Upgrade Your Tech? Points To Look For

We can all agree that modern tech is pretty amazing. However, there is sadly no such thing as a non-obsolete device! In time, your phone, tablet, or laptop - even the fanciest MacBooks on the market, for example - are going to bite the dust. It’s a fact of life that many of us end up having to change smartphones within four or five years even if we are being careful!

However, it pays to be shrewd. There are a few things you can keep your eye out for if you want to make sure you get ahead of the obsolescence curve! Let’s run through a few.

Your device is on a serious slowdown

No matter your device - phone, tablet, PC or otherwise - slowdown is a crucial sign that it’s starting to grind to a halt. In some cases, depending on your OS and manufacturer, you may be able to simply upgrade RAM or effectively upgrade your device from the inside. However, if you’re struggling to get anywhere with your device, it’s likely time to start thinking about moving to a new handset or model.

You might notice this sweeping in quickly, or slowly over time. For example, if you play casino games online, you might find that after grabbing a few mrbet bonus deals that slot games start spinning slower and slower! This can really affect work as well as play – so keep an eye out.

Keep in mind the four-year cycle

This isn’t a golden rule for every device but given the standard that Apple has set for iPhones and obsolescence, it’s reasonable to expect that a device stops getting supported every four to five years. If you’ve bought a device as brand new, make sure to track up to four years (at least) after purchasing. From here, you should be ready to upgrade or find an entirely new device.

However, this doesn’t always track – and many of us continue using equipment long after they have stopped being supported. This isn’t the safest option!

The manufacturer keeps bringing out new tech

Few of us have the luxury to upgrade our laptops, phones, and tablets every year! However, if your chosen manufacturer is rolling out more and more new hardware, it’s a sign that your tech is getting older. You’ll need to set up a plan to replace it, and again, four years tends to be a good benchmark. Apple releases new iPhones every year on average, so don’t follow this to the letter, but be ready to upgrade in the near future.

Technology is advancing – but all of it has a shelf life. From the highest-spec VR setup to Samsung’s latest Galaxy innovations, all technology grinds to a halt eventually. Sad but true, it is just how the market works! There’s no need to consciously worry about the shelf-life of your devices, however – just plan for that four-year point, and you’ll save yourself plenty of headaches in the long run. 

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