New Technologies That Are Used in the Production of Online Casino Slots

Casinos or more specifically gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. The first casinos were luxurious entertainment hubs that used cards and dice to host games, but those same games were also present among a non-elite portion of society. However, the introduction of slot machines changed everything, and over time these became the most dominant form of entertainment in any land-based casino. Today, slots are the main source of profit for these institutions, and a lot of funds are invested in the further development of this technology. Here we will talk about online slots, and what tech is used in order to create them and improve them as well. 

Gaming Software or Engine

Gaming software or engines had a massive impact on the entertainment industry as a whole. This is not a recent invention but it’s a type of program that is constantly improving in order to support more demanding games and to make the coding part more efficient. Anyone who wants to get into the gaming industry should learn how to code in a few engines that are widely used for creating games. The same applies to the online casino industry, and popular engines like Unity are used to create different slot experiences. Thanks to software it's easier to create games faster, re-use a great portion of the code, and even innovate in different ways to make a more entertaining experience. 

Additionally, many modern games use their engine to create in-game casinos or gambling activities. GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, and some other titles use really advanced engines, but they love to show their versatility by creating mini-games. This way they improve the overall experience, and also show that the engine can be used for casino content. 

Mobile Gaming

In order for operators and developers to compete, they need to create a superior mobile experience for gambling enthusiasts. This also has to do with the type of engine they are using, but some of the games that are more demanding don't necessarily work on mobile. There are lots of online casino sites that also have an app that only contains content that is mobile-friendly. In case the entire site or games it hosts are fully optimized for mobile devices then they don’t need to bother with creating an app. 

Virtual Reality

We don’t see many VR casinos, but that will likely change down the line. This is definitely a great way to make more immersive casino games. VR technology and headsets have been around for quite some time, and similar gaming technology like Kinect and Nintendo Wii have been somewhat successful. However, casino games mainly focus on convenience and accessibility, so making a VR version can seem counterintuitive at this point. That being said this would open up possibilities for more social gameplay experience, which is something that a large portion of the younger player base would like. 

Data Aggregation and Analysis

Software developers are very careful when coming up with new projects, and they want their decisions to be data-driven. Luckily, we have lots of tools for monitoring user behavior and for extracting relevant feedback. So, whenever a slot game performs well the dev team gets lots of feedback. They want to know if it’s a certain game mechanic that resonates well with users, they need to know if the success is theme-related, or if it’s some new and unique interaction. 

The goal is to replicate that success and to test new features that can improve the design of future slot games. It’s difficult to examine and analyze data without relevant context so they have to be thorough and examine all the possible contributors for the success. Two games can perform equally well, but if one is getting players due to free spin bonuses that are only available for that title, whereas the other does so organically, then the second one is definitely doing better. 

Crypto Technology

Cryptocurrency has already become a trendy way of investment in recent years. The development of various crypto-coins has allowed for new payment options and great ways in which players can spend their money. The main feature that people love about cryptocurrency is the extra layer of security. There are various casinos that accept crypto such as Ethereum Casinos which is quite easier for online players. Converting your money into a separate form of currency can prove more beneficial in protecting your finances. This is very helpful when it comes to casino usage.


Online casinos developers are innovating, it’s just that the industry is mainly focused on efficiency, so we don’t see any massive projects. However, increasing player engagement and user acquisition is always a priority and that is only possible by altering the existing approach and trying new things. If you compare modern slots with the ones from last year or the year before, the difference is barely noticeable, but if you compare them with those from 10 years ago, it’s a different story. All of that progress is made possible with the use and implementation of different tech, and with data analysis.  

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