5 Ways to Build Your Brand Identity on Social Media

Branding is how you make your brand stand out from the crowd and stick in the mind of your 

target market. All the most successful brands around the world have one thing in common and this is a strong brand identity. Brand identity gives your business a personality and will inform your 

target market of what to expect when they use your company, but how can you build your brand identity online? These days, social media is the best platform for engaging your target market and there are many ways that you can create a strong brand identity online. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Use Your Logo

Obviously, it is the company logo that people first associate with the brand identity. This is why you need to make sure that you use your logo online as a way to stand out and stick in the mind of the consumer. You should use a high-quality version of your logo for your profile picture on social media and then include this logo in all content and messages.

2. Develop A Persona for Your Brand

As mentioned in the intro, brand identity gives your company personality and this is another important way to create a strong presence online. You need to think about your target market and the personality that they would best get along with and then adopt this in all of your online activities. For some brands, this might involve being light-hearted and using humor on social media while for others you will want to adopt a more formal, professional approach. 

3. Create Engaging Content

The content that you post online is how you present your brand to the world. Many companies pump out generic content that is easy to ignore, so you will want to avoid this and make sure that you are creating and sharing content that is high-quality, engaging and valuable to your target market. When you are able to do this, people will keep coming back for your content and you should develop a positive reputation as a brand that is an expert in the field. 

4. Choose a Suitable Instagram Layout 

Following on from this, you also need to consider the way in which you are presenting your content online. On Instagram, for example, there are different grid layouts that you can use. The brands that have built a strong brand identity are the ones that have carefully considered this so that their profile looks sleek and well put together. There are many Instagram layout ideas to consider, including checkerboard, collage, lines and borders. 

5. Be Responsive Online

It is difficult to build a strong brand identity online if you are not active and responsive. In addition to posting consistently (but not too often), you should be responding to messages and 

participating in discussions. This is how you build relationships with your target market, create a personality for your brand and make your profile somewhere that your target market can engage with one another. Obviously, you need to be thoughtful in all of your messages, but you might find that humanizing the brand and using light humor is a great way to create a strong presence and attract people to your business.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful and show you a few ways to build your brand on social media. Social media can be a brilliant tool for businesses looking to engage their target market, but it can be hard to stand out and know the best ways to build your brand online. 

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