Scope of Mobile Applications: What Can We Expect To See In 2022?

Mobile applications have managed to grow at an astounding rate ever since they were first introduced to the market. 

There are some that would debate when they had first entered the sector as many are of the opinion that Nokia’s iconic “Snake” game was the first to have ever been installed back in 1997 on the Nokia 6110 device that was launched. Indeed, others would perhaps argue that the applications that we know them as today were first introduced in the 2000s once the first smartphones were released.

Mobile Apps Have Become Incredibly Important

Mobile App Market Expected To Be Worth Around $693 Billion

Nonetheless, what is undeniable is the fact that they have become a staple for much of the world’s population, with many of us having access to a smartphone device, therefore using an application of some kind for many of our favorite activities including browsing social media, playing games, being entertained and conducting some online shopping.

To further highlight how prevalent and mainstream they have become, it has been claimed that by 2022, mobile app market revenue is expected to reach a figure of around $693 billion, despite the fact many mobile apps actually fail to survive or be as successful as developers would hope they will.

As we have just entered 2022, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the mobile app scope and what we could potentially see happening over the course of the next 12 months. Technology has continued to evolve, so it is not hard to fathom that some of those outlined below will happen a lot sooner than perhaps expected, too.

Entertainment and Gambling apps are expected to continue to increase

When thinking about some of the things a smartphone or tablet device is used for, many will instantly point to the fact that they are used for entertainment and gaming purposes. For instance, many will utilize their phone as a way to watch the latest TV shows on Netflix or Prime Video, whilst others will use music streaming platforms such as Spotify to listen to the latest hits to have been released.

Moreover, many more will simply use their gadgets to enjoy a session in online casinos. Indeed, there are a number of companies that have recognized this, especially as data is available to highlight how many are using these devices. Furthermore, with emerging markets being made available in certain parts of the US and more likely to appear over the next 12 months, there is every chance that an opportunity presents itself.

The growth expectations of this market are incredible, currently, the size of the market is almost 60 billion dollars, and is expected that by 2023 this number will be three times bigger. In the gambling industry, we can see key players such as Draftkings Casino, which has a presence in the permitted states through an online site and also with the DraftKings casino mobile app.

There have already been a number of instances where DraftKings has already managed to take advantage of the easing of restrictions in certain areas, therefore it would be a shock if they were not to act in states where they can expand and grow their market size further.

Smartwatch apps should start to emerge even more

Something that would not be hard to expect in 2022 in regard to seeing the scope that mobile applications have experienced a significant increase is in the availability of apps that are made available for wearable devices such as smartwatches.

There is still some way to go in regard to these pieces of kit, although that could simply be down to the fact that the technology is still relatively new. However, it would seem that there is a need for certain features, as it has been found by Statista that it is expected that connected wearable devices should reach 929 million by this year.

Of course, there have been a number of recent technological updates to have taken place whilst many firms have looked to take steps in trying to continually build the best wearable devices that they can. With more and more appearing available on the market, app developers will simply have no choice but to look to try and provide applications that are compatible with these devices moving forward.

Foldable Devices

The smartphone market is one that continues to evolve, as new technology continues to be made available that sees companies become a little more innovative as they look to try and take up as much of the market as they can.

Indeed, one of the newest innovations to have recently been made available are foldable phones, and it would seem that whilst they are still relatively new, they have already begun to appeal to a number of users around the world. Data suggests that 2022 could be a boom year for these devices.

As they are relatively new to the industry, though, there will be many apps that will simply not be compatible for use with this particular type of device, which could cause a problem. However, it would not be a surprise to see a fix happen rather quickly and take place in the coming 12 months.

Apps that will likely require immediate attention are going to include video streaming platforms and games, whilst some will likely want to perform a range of different tasks at the same time as foldable phones will provide them with the opportunity to use more than one screen at any given moment.


There is no denying that mobile apps have managed to come an incredibly long way over the last two to three decades depending on who you ask, however it would seem that many of them have only just been able to scrape the surface.

With so many different technological advances and innovations continually coming to the forefront of the mobile device market such as foldable phones and wearable devices, there is only going to be a greater need and demand in what these apps are able to do, thus leaving them with plenty of scope that still needs to be fulfilled. 

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