New to Crypto? Don’t Know P2P from NFT? A Nimbus Platform Review Will Help

Hearing about the opportunities that cryptocurrency offers, you might feel a little anxious that you’re not part of the financial revolution. Maybe you’re concerned that you’re missing out on a chance to get on board at the start of a new technological movement and all the rewards it promises. On the other hand, you might be worried about losing financial assets and bewildered about what it takes to get into the market.

To that last point, demographics say it helps if you’re a millennial male, deep into tech, highly risk-tolerant, with a lot of time on your hands. But what if that’s not you, as most of us aren’t? What if you’re cyber-naïve or way too busy to dive into volumes of tech-speak on the blockchain or cryptographic hash functions? What if you find yourself buying some Bitcoin or Ethereum with no idea what to do with it?

It might help to stop searching every new crypto headline and go to a decentralized financial site. DeFi is a financial ecosystem that extends the capabilities of new blockchain technology to reengineer traditional financial functions for the new digital assets. The problem is, most sites specialize in a few financial strategies or are as complicated as crypto itself. You’ll have to actively manage your assets yourself and switch between different platforms, spending more time to understand them and more assets to use them. What you need is a simple-to-use financial hub that can educate you in a variety of solutions, so open up the Nimbus Platform on your favorite medium (like, or go to nmbplatform on Twitter, nimbusplatform on Medium).

The innovative Nimbus can be your gateway into the world of crypto finance, welcoming you in with user-friendly navigation and educational tools that can bring you up to speed without a finance or computer science degree. Its 15 earning strategies, accessible to all users, will inspire you to put your crypto assets to work. All you need to do is choose the path you like, and step-by-step start earning rewards that those crypto finance players could envy.

What strategies, you ask? Let’s start with staking, which is simply a way to get rewards by holding assets in a pool that yields an annual rate. Nimbus offers up to 60% APY for staking and 100% APY for LP staking, higher than the average on the market. Or try the peer-to-peer exchange where you exchange tokens with other Nimbus users on your own terms, without any intermediaries or commissions. Just set your price and volume, and a self-executing protocol called a smart contract securely completes your transaction.

Ready for lending and borrowing? The Nimbus lending dApp or decentralized application is a flexible source of revenue with which you can lend any amount of asset and withdraw the assets or rewards at any time. Borrowing assets come with fixed rates and without time restrictions. Risk is controlled by you setting your own collateral level and liquidation is managed with Nimbus’ unique notification system.

When you’re ready to challenge those tech-savvy millennial men we talked about… or if you’re one of them searching for a user-friendly interface and quick results… there are advanced strategies at Nimbus to learn and implement. NFTs (that is, non-fungible or non-substitutable tokens)­ are unique tokens that prove ownership of specific digital assets like art. The Nimbus n-NFT is the first yield-generating NFT that automatically distributes assets across several dApps to start producing financial rewards. Functioning as a personalized financial strategy, this tool mitigates risk and optimizes yields, while saving users time and gas fees.

Want more excitement? There are several innovative products in development. The Nimbus IPO Hub will be a unique tool that allows access to traditional markets without a brokerage license or enormous fees. Instead, you will be able to directly access IPO shares with digital assets of any size and pick IPOs with the highest potential, with sophisticated evaluation tools and relevant analytics at your fingertips. Alternatively, the unique Nimbus Crowdfunding dApp will allow anyone to participate in startup crowdfunding backed by regulated and secure evaluation processes and advanced features for automatic asset distribution, usage, and accountability.

Using DeFi’s smart contracts means relying on decentralized computer code and verification that are virtually impossible to change or shut down. All transactions are executed and stored on peer-to-peer networks, not a centralized point of failure or outright malicious modification. Furthermore, Nimbus vigorously implements audit procedures through established cybersecurity services like Hacken and instituted an ongoing bug bounty program with rewards for friendly hackers.

Now ready to do something with your crypto? Then listen to Nimbus when they say, “Our mission is to foster a new society in which each human being is financially empowered and in control of his or her own future - and assets.” You’re one of those humans, so prosperity awaits. 

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