How To Invest In Gold Through SIP

Investment is mostly done with the goal of acquiring money for the future. Investment is a person’s long-term asset that can be used for the future. Investment is an essential part of wealth creation, that helps you fulfill your financial goals and stabilize your financial future. For investment purposes, there are various options available in the market. Such as Mutual funds, Direct equity, Gold ETF, Real estate and so on options are available. 

From all the investment options people mostly prefer to invest in gold. For a long time people have reliably believed in investing gold to keep it as an asset for future needs. High liquidity and inflation beating capacity are its strong selling points. Even if sometimes, there is a phase of gold prices falling, it does not last for a long period and always makes a strong comeback. Therefore, investing in gold is a worthy option for many people. 

But before opting for any investment plan you need to know how you can invest in gold? Traditionally, people used to buy gold in the form of coins, bullions, and jewelry. But nowadays, for gold investment other options are also available such as Gold ETFs, online gold, Gold funds, and through gold SIP. 

So if you don’t want to invest in gold traditionally but through digital platforms, you need to have knowledge of mentioned digital gold investments. To know more about digital gold investment, keep reading further. 

Now, let's read how you can buy gold digitally!

Gold ETFs: Gold ETFs is basically buying gold digitally through a demat account that is equivalent to a physical sum of gold. 

Gold funds: Next option is gold funds, for gold funds you have to buy or invest in stocks of companies that mine gold. Gold mutual funds include other metals as well such as, silver, platinum. 

SIP: Another option available is SIP, that is, Systematic Investment Plan is a facility offered to investors through which they can invest fixed amounts in various funds at regular intervals. The best part of this investment is, the amount is not required to be high you can invest Rs. 500 also. And the timeline of the investment can be opted as per your convenience. For investing in SIP weekly, monthly, annually and semi-annually options are available. SIP option is convenient for the people who do not have a demat account which is required for investing in gold ETFs. Investing in gold through SIP will help you to buy gold and build your assets in a steady manner. 

Advantages of Gold SIP:

1) It is not possible for everyone to put a lump sum amount of money for investment. So, for that purpose you can use a SIP to invest a fixed amount starting at a low price of Rs.500. 

2) When you invest in gold, always plan it for the long term. Because long term investment is more beneficial than short term investment. For long term investment investing huge amounts is not a better option for everyone. So, instead, start investing with a small amount of money. 

3) Like other investment instruments, gold is also an unpredictable one. Because gold prices keep on fluctuating as per the change in gold market rate. With the help of gold SIP, investors don’t need to monitor gold rate. Since it is a periodic investment, it will occur across all market cycles irrespective of gold rate movements.

4) Another advantage of investing in gold SIP is, you can invest in smaller denominations. So, it encourages those people who have a low salary to make an investment. 

5) It is better to invest in gold SIP plans as early as possible. Because investors starting out early can earn higher return on investment. 

At present, Augmont Gold SIP is one of the best ways to invest in gold through SIP. Augmont has following features to be followed for investing in gold through SIP.

  • Every month you can buy 24 Karat pure gold by investing Rs. 500 only.
  • Augmont provides quality assured BIS/NABL hallmarked gold as per international standards. 
  • You can keep your gold secured in safety vaults that are monitored by SEBI registered under IDBI trusteeship.
  • On Augmont website you can also use SIP calculator to get proper information of gold accumulation and money to be invested.

For starting with Augmont Systematic Investment Plan, you need to log into your account, click on the SIP link. Fill a form available on the site specifying your choices and submit it. After completion of the SIP application, you will get a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

What is a Gold SIP calculator? 

Gold SIP calculator is an online tool that helps investors to calculate how much SIP they have to invest to get the desired amount of gold. Gold SIP calculators help to estimate the approximate amount of Systematic Investment Plan that needs to be saved periodically. 

Investment in gold through SIP is good for long term investment and for returns. But you should take proper understanding before opting for any decision. For future safety you should not place all your money in a single investment plan. Investments can give you best returns or sometimes loss too. Take decisions wisely! 

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