Gumbamail - Easy Email Marketing Tool

Even though most of our official work happens on email, whether it's sending a business letter or a marketing message, many people find it difficult to use email. Not because they don't know how to but because email has become a bit old with the advent of plenty of new social platforms. 

If you are involved in marketing, you would understand the hassle that you must go through managing email and various other apps together. But, here we are, a life-changing tool for you which is "Gumbamail." It sounds like a game. But it's an excellent catch for those involved in email marketing. 

What is Gumbamail? 

Gumbamail is a Chrome Extension that can help us to send email marketing campaigns directly to Gmail. How great is that? Now you can send emails to people without even opening your mail. So, maybe now it's the time when you question the existence of standard email marketing! Still not convinced? Read the complete review of Gumbamail below. 

Gumbamail Complete Review- All You Need to Know

If you are not new to email extensions of Gmail, then you must be aware of Mailmeteor and Mailking. And if you are aware of them, you must also know the number of limitations that these extensions come with. Not having restrictions is what sets Gumbamail apart from these email extensions. 

With Gumbamail, you send and get daily analytics of marketing campaigns. This Google extension tool is embedded with plenty of features that you can take advantage of. Download here to start right away using Gumbamail. Let's look at the benefits you will get with Gumbamail and how it is different from other email extensions. 

What Benefits Do You Get With Gumbamail? 

#1 Unlimited Mails 

If you use a standard email marketing method, you must be aware that there are limitations to sending emails daily. In a standard Gmail account, you can send only 500 emails if your account is personal, and with a business account, you get a limitation of 2000 emails per day. The good thing about Gumbamail is that there are no such limitations. You can send unlimited emails per day. 

#2 Plenty of Templates

We all want to make our email campaigns look professional and appealing, which cannot be possible within a few minutes. To use templates on a standard Gmail, you'll have to leave the account to find the suitable template for your campaign, but with Gumbamail, there's no such thing. You get everything at your disposal, and that too in variety. You can create and edit templates, and with 800+ templates, you can Ace your email marketing

#3 Easy Customization

Gumbamail provides benefits that you cannot avail of with Mailmeteor or Mailking. You do not get templates with Mailmeteor, and another factor that makes us like Gumbamail is the easy customization of emails and templates. To make your emails look excellent, you can customize templates easily, and the interface of this Gmail extension tool is straightforward and responsive. From whichever device the person will read the email, they will see a proper design. 

#4 Management of Emails

Making and sending professional emails are not the only things that Gumbamail does. You can easily manage the list of your email recipients and keep a check on your analytics. In Gumbamail, you get an excellent dashboard to see the list of subscribers, unsubscribers, CTA rates, and much more. Import the list of your recipients from Google or contact and get started with this simple email marketing tool

#5 Analytics and Report

The last benefit and the most important one that you get with Gumbamail is your email campaign report. How many times have you sent a campaign to plenty of recipients, but nothing happens? Maybe your email bounced, or they didn't take action through it. How will you know what happened? 

With Gumbamail, you get an accurate report of how your email marketing campaign performed. How many emails got bounced, how many people opened it, how many people took action from it, and more. You get a visual dashboard of all of this information, and you do not have to go to each recipient's email to check the status and see analytics. 

Wrap Up 

Who wouldn't want to enjoy the benefits of sending unlimited emails with 800 templates? We surely would love that. Gumbamail, an email marketing extension tool, is one such tool that wasn't created just for its sake. Still, it indeed has plenty of excellent features that not only make your work more accessible but also more responsive and professional. 

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