How Expert Guest Posts Can Help You Build Your Brand

If you are looking to enhance your brand visibility and stand out from the competition, you might need a bit of outside help. Content marketing is key for any brand awareness strategy, which is why many companies devote a lot of resources to generating their own digital content for their web and social media presences.

Of course, any old bit of content won't do. What you need is content that is genuinely useful to your target audience in a way that will encourage them to further engage with your brand and with your product. This is where expert guest posts can come in to help.

What is expert guest posting?

Firstly, let's break down what expert guest posting really is. Essentially, it is a marketing technique that involves enlisting industry-specific experts or authorities to write content for your website or social media channels. 

The goal is to position your brand as a leader in your niche and demonstrate that you know what you are talking about. This can help you send out the right message about your brand and your products.

How to get it right

Provide genuinely useful content

This is the most important thing. Expert names are great at bolstering the credibility of your site. However, the content they produce must be of genuine use to your target audience. Content that serves no purpose will lead to a website that's inundated with clutter.

A prime example of a business that has utilized the input of industry experts in a purposeful way is, a digital predictive tool that uses algorithms to provide punters with insight on where to bet. often hires horse racing experts to write tips on how to beat bookies on daily races, with expert insights into the world of betting. This is the kind of content the target audience (punters) will find truly useful, thus building the authority of the brand. 

Know your audience

Before you enlist an expert to write content for you, it is important that you understand your audience inside and out. This will ensure that whoever you bring on board will be able to write content that actually catches the attention of your audience and resonates with them. It will also make it easier to select an expert that your target audience is likely to know already.

Link the content with the product

While expert guest posts should never come off as advertorials, it is important not to lose sight of your product. You don't need to ask the person writing the posts to include promotional links, but you should make sure that the content is closely linked to whatever it is you are selling. This will ensure that your audience also makes that crucial connection between the expertise and your brand. 

Don't forget about internal links 

This is something that you can do yourself after your guest has written a draft of the content for you. Make sure to look for opportunities to add in links to other pages and pieces of content on your business website. This will boost your SEO and ensure that your expert guest posts serve the additional purposes of discreetly promoting your products. 

By following these tips, you can use expert guest posts to build an authoritative online presence that will bolster your brand. You can also consult our Marketing Tech guides to get the latest insights on the tools you can use to level-up your SEO and take your brand to the next level. 

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