Unique Challenges of Finding an Apartment in the NYC

Did you know what’s more difficult and challenging than managing to keep up with a good lifestyle in a cozy apartment in NYC? Well, it’s finding that cozy and comfortable apartment for yourself in the first place.

The housing market in New York City is nothing like others. It’s a much more challenging space requiring you to manage lots of paperwork, funding, and other things. Not to mention that you need to be very proactive with everything you do.

Considering the struggle that finding an apartment in NYC is, here’s an overview of the challenges you could face and possible solutions to them.

What to Expect When Searching for the Right Apartment in NYC?

With the very stringent rent laws in New York and the totally different way that the housing market works here, finding the right apartment is no more than a dream come true.

Just as you’re sitting back, relaxing about having made your application for that apartment that you found perfect for yourself, you might have your application rejected or find something that would force you to withdraw your application. Bottom line, there’s no easy way to get the right apartment in New York and there are some unique challenges you’d experience during your search.

So, what could you really expect? Well, read on!

Lots of Paperwork

With the amount of paperwork involved in getting an apartment in NYC, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that you wouldn’t do as much paperwork in your life as you would in getting apartments in New York.

The paperwork starts right from making your application to the landlord. Having the landlord accept this application is a challenge in itself. And once your application gets accepted, dare you to miss any important document, and you’ll see the apartment swooping from right under your feet and going to the one with the perfect paperwork, every single document in place.

So, when looking for an apartment in New York, the first thing you need to be through with is your documents. Keep every single document in place and the struggle will automatically ease itself to at least some extent.

Meeting Funding Requirements Is No Easy Job

Most often than not, you lose a fantastic, dream apartment in New York only because you don’t have enough funds.

The qualifying rental requirements in New York are top-notch. As a matter of fact, your yearly income has to be approximately 50x of whatever the monthly rent you need to pay. Considering that calculation, meeting funding requirements for getting the right apartment in New York is a big challenge.

So, you really need to budget well when looking for an apartment in New York. If you don’t do that, you’ll only end up compromising on everything you need. Prepare a list of every essential you’d need and other utilities you can’t do without at any cost. Come around a maximum budget based on the same making sure that it’s in line with the funding requirements.

If you start looking for an apartment after that, you’ll be closer to meeting the funding requirements and wouldn’t have to give up on a place that you almost thought would become your dream home.

You Need to Keep a Great Credit Score

Landlords in New York do a very thorough background check and that involves checking your credit history.

So, besides meeting all the paperwork needs and other funding requirements, you need to maintain a very good credit score as well. If you don’t have a well-maintained history of meeting your financial commitments in time, you can very well expect to not get an apartment at all in New York.

So, whatever be the case, be ready with all your credit history and if you don’t have one, find another way to assure the landlord about timely rental payments.

How Can You Ease the Struggle and Challenges?

With an overview of all the challenges, you’d face in finding an apartment in New York, you’d wonder if there was any way you could ease it up a bit.

Well, it does get a little less challenging with some help from agents. However, another way is going online.

There are many online apartment search resources that make your entire apartment hunting a breeze for you.

With online apartment search resources, you could go through regular listings, make applications online, and even get on with your other paperwork and requirements on the online application itself. This essentially saves you the trouble of going from place to place and yet not finding something worth it.

One amazing application I could recommend is Zumper. It’s brilliant with its apartment listings and finding a dream home here is much easier and less challenging.

With Zumper, you get the latest listings and you can apply to them within minutes through online applications. You can even submit your documents then and there and have them screened with the screening services provided by this resource.

Not only that, you could use filters on the app to find an apartment perfect to your likings.

Basically, Zumper would do everything that any agent would do for you, and that too with much ease and comfort.

Bottom Line

Finding the right apartment in New York is challenging, indeed! However, online apartment search resources and applications like Zumper are making the job easier for you with their beautiful listings and other services. You must also be aware of rental market trends in New York for more ease. 

Having a good place is important for a good life and no matter how challenging finding the right apartment is, there’s always a way out, applications like Zumper being the one in this case.

Happy Apartment Hunting!

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