Top 5 Reasons Why Technology Is The Key To Drive Brand Advocacy From Your Customers

The prime focus of any company or brand is to maintain customer advocacy. Highly strategized customer service and marketing plan is thus necessary to keep the best things for a customer and serve them relentlessly. Each customer looks for amazing customer support which has become all the easier with the help of technological advancements today.

With more and more people looking for products online, the need of the hour is to improve the brand presence over the web to enhance and simplify the sales process. Brand advocacy is thus the most required approach from highly satisfied customers. The reviews and opinions of these people would influence the decisions of a large audience that would drive the brand to greater heights. Here are the top 5 reasons why technology is the key to drive brand advocacy from customers.

Platforms of Immense Growth

In the era of online buying and selling, social media has become the common and the most widely reached channel for brand advocates to share their information. 58% of the information is shared on social media, 53% on emails, 43% on E-Commerce sites, 28% on online chats and tickets, and 27% on boards and forums. Billions of active social media users jump to their favorite brand sites online. The brands that are excelling today are hugely popular on social media and other platforms such as blogs with the number getting higher and higher each day. Customer-centric fun content and incentivizing experiences drive brand advocacy along with increasing the branch's ability to reach more people.

Coming up with Sophisticated Tools

Most tools used in marketing and selling are artificial intelligence-based. The tools have become more accessible and user-friendly with time. This software can generate user-friendly content very easily that can be used by the brands right away. Applications such as machine learning and sentiment analysis help the branch to determine the forms of content aligning with the audience and which type of user-generated content is consistent with the audience for a long time. These tools give ease to the customers serving the web stores online according to their own needs and demands. More simple online shopping will be, more satisfied and Happy the customers will be to drive brand advocacy for the company. 

Speedy Customer Service and Company Response

With the coming up of Technology, the customer is best to get quick replies to their queries. May it is related to the product itself or the delivery details, all questions of the customers are answered within minutes of posting their queries. The innovation of GPS and live location has also freed delivery agents as well as the package receivers from repeated phone calls or confusions in the address. 

People thus find it easy to order the products online and happily prefer it over traditional shopping. It becomes all the more important to ask the customers for their feedback once they are served by the customer service team. They thereby know that their bits of advice and suggestions are being valued and their complaints about the procedures are being solved. A separate section for the resolution of complaints and submission of feedback excites the brand advocates. Brand advocacy is also increased in this manner when the customers are served quickly and gently without any hassle in the process. It helps in improving the sales pitch greatly.

Rewards and Surprises

Many online stores and e-commerce websites offer rewards and surprises to their regular and potential customers, who then serve as brand advocates for them. Be it a discount of even 10 to 20% or a gift alongside the ordered products, the customers like it in any way. Giving referral points to customers is the most popular method nowadays to attract a larger audience. The brand thus gets an increased reach in the general public through the referral process. 

Artificial intelligence-based videos that thank the customers after they make a payment or receive an order are some of the ways to surprise the customers. It can also be thank you notes, shopping coins, or free upgrades. There is a high possibility that they will talk about the surprise to other people by increasing brand recognition. The rewarding systems are generated automatically by the software used. Digital or online events with tickets for only special invitees are a large attraction for the customers as they feel like a VIP in these types of services. The company may provide an overview of the new products or services to be launched in the future and send exclusive offers to the brand advocates to embark their interest. Making a group of regular customers over some app or the apps of regular use such as WhatsApp and Instagram can help in building connections that could further improve the business. The brand advocates could form a huge network in this manner that would only increase the recognition of the brand and its products.


The coming of technology has increased the cost-effectiveness for customers as well as the brands. Most of the companies now do not need to spend on huge showrooms in different cities to sell their products. Even the customers do not have to travel distances or spend time in different shops looking for their favorite products. Social media drives the highest brand advocacy when it makes the buying process easier for the customers such as reviews, contests, discounts, surprises, and how-to guides. If the online store or the E-Commerce website is customized according to the general public, it attracts a variety of people who show interest in the brand.

Brand advocacy builds a business when the customers deliver positive reviews about the brand or the company. It is also related to providing incentives for rewards for speaking about the brand in a positive manner. It helps in the promotion of the company and gaining a larger audience for selling the products.

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