How to Develop an App Like Discord?

A chat app like Discord was originally developed for gamers but now, everyone is using it. It has become a normal platform used by several communities. The most interesting fact about Discord is that it has gained more than 200 million users across the world. Well, it can be clearly observed that it is capable of giving tough competition to other similar apps like Zoom or Skype in the near future. That is why there is even probability for new bis to develop an app identical to Discord and challenge others. 

Facts to encourage you for building an application like Discord:

  • Discord has more than 200 million users already.
  • The organization has a market value of approx $2 billion after generating funds of approx $150 million.
  • The app owner is even thinking of expanding its goal into games marketing. He has taken a gaming platform named Epic Games and Steam PC.

A brief introduction about Discord:

Discord is defined as the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) app that looks like Reddit and Slack when it is about the voice, video, and text communication features. The Discord application can be used easily on Windows, macOS, Linux, and even in browsers. It is even compatible to use on both Android and iOS platforms. Businesses that are interested in getting an app identical to Discord can hire Android app developers to find the best app product.

Why did Discord get enough recognition among users?

In the year 2015, when Discord started to get recognition, one of its creators named Jason Citron disclosed why people liked this app.

He explained that the Discord app contained additional features that its competitors didn’t have. It has DDoS protection with browser support features. Nevertheless, he said that it was the amalgamation of some factors that are responsible for the success of chat apps like Discord. Jason further said that their team spent enough time to understand the product since it is specially designed for the people like us. That’s why in 2021, people are still using Discord. 

The app is beneficial in comparison to other platforms. Suppose, a free version of Slack will have a limit of storage and messaging history, while Discord hasn’t such limits. Besides this, Slack has not integrated with functionality like push-to-talk, which Discord already has.

What should be the main features of a chat app like Discord?

The Discord app platform has multiple features. Let’s find out the crucial ones: 

Different servers and channels

If you aspire to connect with your team to communicate urgently, servers and channels are really helpful. At one time, you can establish connections with almost 5000 members using a server and can make 500 subgroups on every single server.

When you look for a specific server in particular and are not able to search out one, you get the leverage of creating a server of your own and send invitations to others to be the participant. The server will give you permission to do the roles management and deciding things based on the chain of command.

Roles related permissions 

According to the roles allotted from the admin end, approval will be provided to each team member. You have the right to make decisions on who all are allowed to join the channel or send and read messages. It can be easy for you to clearly describe permissions for different channels individually or collectively.

While using a chat app like Discord, you get approx thirty options for giving approval to someone. As an admin, you can even shift the role management authority to the desired account as well. This kind of freedom has encouraged many people to use the Discord application. Therefore, when you want to develop an app identical to Discord, don’t forget to integrate this feature into your chat app.

Communicating feature

In the initial phase, the Discord app was launched to facilitate feasible communication for the gamers. But now, it can be even useful for everyone as it has all the required features. You can use it for both video and voice chat. At one time, you can connect with multiple people with just a click. The app is integrated with a web-based real-time communication feature. It is an open-source project with APIs that allows you to do quality audio and video calls. Using the Discord app, individual and group chat features can be used. 

These days, every app allows file sharing among users. In case you have plans to develop a chat app like Discord, it would be good if you allow users to share the documents in the chatting application. 

While using Discord, if you are a free account user, you can upload a file having a size of 8 MB. But when you have taken the subscription for the Nitro plan, the upload limit can be up to 50 MB. However, for your chat app, you should decide the file sharing limit according to your target audience.

Message alerts settings

In our busy schedule, it is not easy for an individual to check all messages and give a response to them. Usually, we like to use applications that send notifications to us related to messages that have been received and permit us to give replies at our own convenience. Therefore, it is required to have settings for that.

By using the Discord app, you get the option to mute unwanted channels/servers and notifications. You can do customization in notifications using the particular user name or using specific words in the chat. It helps in avoiding distractions and notify messages that are really important.

Screen sharing

It is the most required feature if you are thinking of chat app development. At the moment when lots of people are connected with each other on a server, it is easy for them to share their screen in the chat. With the help of the Discord app, users can easily share the laptop or mobile screens. Apart from that, they can even share important notes on the shared screen.

Storage space

For all such apps that are mainly for serving the business goals, there may be a sudden urgency to check the messages that had been shared a few months ago. It is obvious that text messages can occupy space if accumulated for a longer time period. But for developing an app identical to Discord, you must provide unlimited space for storing data.

What would be the cost to develop an app like Discord?

You can ask the offshore app development company to discuss charges related to your app project. They will provide you with an estimated price but not the exact figure as the final price can be varied based on the changes that have been made during the development phase.

However, you will need at least 1-2 Android app developers or iOS developers, 1 UI/UX designer, 1 project manager, 1 frontend developer, 1 backend developer, and 1 Analyst.

As the number of features and functionalities will increase, the final development price will keep changing. Normally, the price of developing a clone of Discord lies between $45,000 to $85,000.

Another option to get a robust app is to hire Android app developers or iOS app developers who charge you according to hours and help you in developing your app.


Discord has obtained enormous popularity in the messaging app domain. It has ensured success because of its effective communication feature with great user experience. Even though its tech stack is different and more powerful, you can still use some other tools and technologies to develop apps like Discord. 

Starting everything from scratch can cost you a lot and will be time-consuming, so it would be ideal if you use a pre-built solution that suits your business needs.

Author Bio:

The author is a senior Android app developer at MobileCoderz, a renowned mobile app development company. He has designed various cutting-edge apps for different industrial domains. Besides his professional life, he loves reading and writing knowledgeable technical blogs and articles for knowledge sharing. 

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