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After the pandemic, the world has seen a sudden digital shift, which has inspired businesses to sell their products and services online. And that has also forced thousands of businesses to work on their online marketing strategies. According to a report by Statista, video marketing has become one of the most popular online marketing strategies to cover large audiences. Videos increase engagement substantially; that is why advertisers and companies are choosing videos as their preferred marketing medium. 

Even video presentations are now getting super popular because they help audiences visualize the ideas of the speaker. So, today we have brought to you a free video presentation maker that can create high-end presentations for you, which can further ensure the success of your brand. But let’s first get into the detail of video marketing and its importance. And then, we will talk about the best video presentation maker, which is entirely free and can help businesses achieve their marketing goals quickly. 

What is Video Marketing, and Why it's Important?

When companies create video content to explain their products and services, we call it video marketing. And then, they publish those videos on mainstream platforms like YouTube. All companies want to raise their profile online using video marketing and make their message easily accessible to as many people as possible. Now, let’s discuss why video marketing has crossed the traditional marketing strategies and why it is so effective. 

  • The best part about video marketing is that they explain your products and services the best way. People now prefer watching a two-minute-long video over reading a 500 words description. Also, the internet has made people wiser than before. And now they only invest in products they relate to and understand. And video marketing is a great tool to make people aware of whatever you are selling. 
  • Video marketing can be super cheap compared to other marketing strategies if you use the right software like SOOM, the best free video presentation maker. 
  • Videos also play a vital role in the customer support section, where instead of a written description, companies can make short videos on common concerns. These concerns can be payment plans, preferences, or overages. And that increases customer satisfaction. 

How is SOOM Helpful to Achieve Your Marketing Goals?

Now, let’s talk about SOOM, which is the best video presentation, maker. SOOM can help your business achieve all the marketing goals free and superfast. With SOOM, you can create the best video presentations and do live video recording and sharing. The software also provides you with the option of video conferencing, which is extremely important for businesses. You can use video presentations to make your products and services appear more intuitive. And you also use the short, recorded video presentations on SOOM as advertisements of your brand on social media.

But before discussing the features and functions of the app any further, we will talk about the simple 3 step procedure you need to follow to make a video presentation with SOOM. 

1. Selection of the suitable template

The first step is to select the template out of hundreds of excellent options that suit your cause the best. SOOM has the most engaging and fascinating templates to convert visitors on your website or social media platforms into regular customers. When the presentation of a product is interesting, it forces people to buy it. 

2. Content addition in the template

The next step will be to add your desired content in the template that you can do with three to four simple clicks. You can add images, videos, text, and anything else you want to add to your presentation. 

3. Select the video conference option or record to share

The last step is to either start video conferencing or presentation recording. SOOM allows you to connect with third-party apps for videoconferencing like Zoom, Skype, Discord, VooV Meeting, Lark, and Zoho. When you enter a meeting after connecting to any of these apps, you will only have to open the SOOM Vcamera. You can also record the presentation and then share it with your online social media portals for marketing purposes. 

Soom: Functions and Features

The best part about SOOM is that it's an entirely free platform with the most advanced and modern video presentation creating features. You can download it and start making your presentations in no time. Let's talk about all the functions of this fantastic app. 

  • Firstly, the app has the smoothest 3D transitions and animation effects. SOOM has recently introduced a free animated video maker, 'Doratoon', where you can create customized animated videos in minutes. 
  • The software provides you with the option of video conferencing and presentation recording, which you can use for multiple purposes. You can also share the recorded presentations on mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 
  • The user interface of SOOM is pretty easy, where you only have to drag and drop items from your computer to the software’s template. 
  • The software also provides you with the option to remove the background. You can use that option and start with a green screen.
  • SOOM can help you create super HD quality video presentations, which is impossible with any free video presentation maker software. 
  • Moreover, you can use SOOM to create video presentations for scenarios other than marketing like enterprise recruitment, personnel training, education, and more.

Final Words

Here we will conclude our article about the best video presentation maker app, and we hope that you have got all the necessary information. Video presentation software is essential for the effective marketing and success of a business in this modern age. So, try out SOOM and spice up your video marketing game. If you want to know about more great software updates, stay tuned. 

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